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Best bilingual food blogs

These food bloggers bring a bit more spice and flavor into your kitchen with recipes from a few Spanish speaking countries! Some blog in both English and Spanish, others bring their Latin-speaking cultures to their recipes!

Some of our favorite foods in America are those brought by those spicy, flavorful countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Mexico and South America. Who doesn’t love a good taco, some rice and beans or a side of crispy plantains? Today, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite food bloggers who speak (and sometimes write) in both English and Spanish. These ladies are from all over: Dominican Republic, Cuba and more are represented below!


Bren Herrera of Flanboyant Eats

If you love flan (the classic Latin American custard dessert), Bren’s site is the place to check out for some amazingly unique recipes. Born in Cuba and raised in Virginia, Bren not only cooks, but sings, writes and travels all over the world in search of great food and cultural experiences. This Flan de quinoa with goat cheese and blueberry coulis is a prime example of her recipes: creative, unique with a Latin flair!

Flan de Quinoa with Goat Cheese and Blueberry Coulis

Photo credit: Flanboyant Eats

Aunt Clara and Aunt Ilana of Aunt Clara’s Kitchen

If you love Dominican cuisine, married a Dominican or just crave the food of the Caribbean, this site will be a lifesaver! A collaborative effort between Clara and Ilana, this website is jam-packed with traditional and nontraditional Dominican recipes. For example, these Berenjenas guisadas con cerdo (braised pork and eggplants), a traditional dish eaten in Dominican Republic and served with a side of white rice and fresh avocados, make for a great dish!

Berenjenas guisads con cerdo

Photo credit: Aunt Clara’s Kitchen
Visit (English):
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Vianney Rodriguez of Sweet Life

Born in Texas and raised by proud Mexican parents, Vianney was recipient of last year’s “Latism 2012 Best Latina Food Blogger” award. Her recipes showcase a blend of authentic Mexican recipes, twists on classics and a love for margaritas. Her pumpkin margarita sounds like the perfect way to celebrate the upcoming holidays, while her slow cooked tomatillo beef would be perfect to cozy up with on a chilly fall night.

Pumpkin Margarita

Photo credit: Sweet Life

Mari Núñez of Mari’s Cakes

Another fantastic Dominican food blogger, Mari makes our mouth water every time we read her recipes! The straightforward recipes get you in the kitchen quickly, and the easy instructions make you feel like you know what you’re doing. At times when you miss your Mom’s cooking (if your Mom is Dominican!), recipes like goat stew or yucca fritters make for a great meal!

Goat Stew

Photo credit: Mari’s Cakes
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Whether you were born and raised on rice and beans or your love for Latin cuisine has developed during adulthood, these food blogs will get you saying DELICIOSO!

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