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8 Dippable lunch box ideas

For many kids, dipping makes everything better. Ensure that your child is eating their lunch at school by packing delicious, nutritious, dippable favorites.

The biggest obstacle to packing dippable foods is the potential for the dip to spill all over your child’s lunch box. That’s why you’ll love GladWare To Go Snack containers. These reusable plastic containers feature a separate dressing cup that snaps into the lid to keep foods secure and separated until your child is ready to start dipping.


Breakfast for lunch: French toast sticks and fruity dip

French toast sticks and fruity dip

Who says French toast is just for breakfast? Pack your child’s lunch box with some French toast sticks and a container of marmalade for a nutritious and delicious dipping treat! Use microwavable frozen sticks or make a healthy dose of your own.

Get the recipe for whole wheat French toast and fruit dipping sauce >>


Pick any two: Cheese and mustard

Mustard and cheese

There are so many different types of cheese and such a wide array of mustards — surely you can find one of each to satisfy your child. Pair cheese sticks, cubes or slices with a tangy dipping mustard and rest assured your child is getting a healthy dose of that all-important calcium.

Get a spicy mustard recipe >>


Sweet and nutritious: Fresh berries and Greek yogurt

Fresh berries and Greek yogurt

Two healthy ingredients combine to make a scrumptious snack that’s so much better than candy. Simply wash and pack your child’s favorite fresh berries along with some delicious Greek yogurt in a Glad To Go Snack container. Yummy!

Get the recipe for frozen Greek yogurt-dipped berries >>


Tex-Mex favorite: Chicken breast and guacamole dip

Chicken breast and guacamole dip

Whip up some guacamole dip tonight and pack it in your child’s lunch tomorrow. Add some dippable cooked chicken breast or some cut-up pita strips and your kid will be the envy of the school! Looking for an easy recipe? You’ll need just 5 minutes and a handful of ingredients to make this tasty dip.

Get the recipe for a tasty guacamole dip >>


Vegetable power: Tortilla chips and salsa

Tortilla chips and salsa

Salsa is a flavorful way to sneak in those healthy vegetables that kids sometimes resist. Look for low-sodium, all-natural varieties and pair them with crunchy whole grain tortilla chips for a perfect healthy snack.

Get the recipe for homemade tortillas >>


Bumps on a log: Celery sticks, raisins and peanut butter

Celery sticks, raisins and peanut butter

Skip the messy task of putting the peanut butter-covered celery into baggies. Instead, cut up the celery into two-inch pieces, add a handful of plump raisins and toss them into a GladWare To Go Snack container. Put the peanut butter into the separate dressing cup on the lid.

Get the recipe for homemade peanut butter >>


Just desserts: Animal crackers and funfetti dip

Animal Crackers and Funfetti Dip

How many kids get to take cake batter to school? This super-fun dessert dip tastes just like cake batter and makes a sweet treat for your child’s school lunch. Whip up this easy recipe the night before, store it in small GladWare containers in the refrigerator and toss one into your child’s lunch box along with a pack of animal crackers.

Get the funfetti dip recipe >>


Nature’s best: Apple slices and honey

Apple with dip

Only nature could make something as perfect as an apple. Help your child get their apple a day by pairing it with a bit of honey (or a homemade honey dip) for added appeal. Sweets for the sweet, so to speak!

Get the recipe for a fab pineapple, honey and yogurt dip >>

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