8 Totally upgraded sippy cups

Nov 1, 2013 at 12:00 a.m. ET

So, your kid has a drinking problem? Most toddlers do when they make the switch from bottle to sippy cup, so don't be too alarmed. Make the transition as easy as possible with these totally tricked-out sippy cups.

Who knew that getting milk into your toddler's mouth could be such big and innovative business Without further ado, here are our favorite upgraded sippy cups, in no particular order.


mOmma by Lansinoh Non-Spill Sippy Cup

mOmma by Lansinoh Non-Spill Sippy Cup

This fancy little number is shaped like one of those punching-clown toys that never falls over. It's designed to rest safely without tipping over, even during a raucous mealtime. It also features a spill-proof and valve-free spout for extra ease. (Diapers.com, $10)


Tommee Tippee Explora Drink Cups

Tommee Tippee Explora Drink Cups

Tommee Tippee offers a range of sippy cups, but we like these drink cups best because they work for young toddlers all the way up to pre-schoolers. They're insulated, truly spill-proof and are strong enough to last for years. (Target, $9 for a two-pack)


Playtex First Sipster Cup

Playtex First Sipster Cup

The First Sipster Cup is a great choice for your baby's first sippy cup. The spout is soft and closely resembles the nipple of a bottle and it doesn't easily leak. The lid also clicks when it's locked in place so you never have to guess that it's properly sealed. My daughter still drinks from one, even though she's entirely too old for a sippy. (Drugstore.com, $5)


ZoLi Baby Bot

ZoLi Baby Bot

Straw sippy cups are hit or miss, because some small children can't quite figure out what to do with the straw. Not so with the Zoli Baby Bot, however. The straw is weighted so your child will have an easy time getting the last drops of her beverage. It apparently also works upside down, too, which might come in handy. (Amazon, $12)


OXO Sippy

OXO Sippy Cup

Talk about multi-taking. OXO's Tot Sippy Cup makes a great first sippy for a young toddler because of its grips and soft spout. The handles are removable once your child gains mastery of imbibing, so it also works for bigger kids. (Diapers.com, $6)


Foogo Insulated Straw Bottle

Foogo Insulated Straw Bottle

Just check out the awesome design of this insulated sippy and purchase it immediately. It features an insulated stainless steel design to keep your child's beverage cool and stylish. (Amazon, $13)


The First Years Gripper Sipper

The First Years Gripper Sipper

The name couldn't say it better. The First Years Gripper Sipper has rubber sides for easy gripping and it has a valve system for easy, spill-proof sipping. Bonus for moms: The lid has no small parts, so you can't lose anything down the drain. (Walmart, $6 for a two-pack)


Boon SWIG Straw

Boon SWIG Straw Sippy

If you're about aesthetics and functionality, then the Boon SWIG is probably for you. You can interchange the lids from straw to spout tops, or from color to color. Not only that, it's spill-proof and insulated. (Target, $7)

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