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5 Comforting care packages

Even though your kid is in college, that doesn’t mean you’ve stopped worrying about him or her. Send your college co-ed some love and affection with one of these five comforting care packages.

Colleger students with care packages

Alma mater package

College just isn’t college without a closet full of university memorabilia. Unfortunately, alma mater T-shirts, hoodies, flip-flops and shorts are a little pricey for a college student’s tight budget. Round up a few items from the university bookstore’s online store, package them and send them to your student for a fun surprise.

We suggest including:

  • A university T-shirt for everyday wear
  • A neutral-colored hoodie for your student to wear when the weather turns cold
  • An assortment of sugar cookies with colored icing to match the college’s colors
  • A smattering of small items that sport the school’s logo, such as key chains, car decals, erasers and notebooks

Kid-at-heart package

College students are considered adults, but they’re also in a weird phase of life that serves as a bridge from childhood to adulthood. Love on the kid inside them with a care package that’s stocked with your child’s favorite treats from youth.

We suggest:

  • A ton of sugary “kid” candy that is terribly unhealthy and will undoubtedly rot their teeth. Think Pixi Sticks, Nerds and Sour Patch Kids.
  • Typical kid snacks that are both youthful and delicious. We like to include animal crackers, Goldfish and Cheetos.
  • A favorite DVD from your kid’s childhood, like a Disney movie or a favorite sports movie.
  • If you have a daughter, add a couple of bottles of bright and sparkly fingernail polish for good measure.

Bare necessities package

Sometimes, it’s just downright hard to get to the store and take care of chores when you’re studying for exams. Help reduce your kid’s stress level by sending a package of the bare necessities that sometimes slip a college student’s mind.

We suggest:

  • Rolls of quarters for the dorm’s laundry room
  • Mini packs of dry laundry detergent
  • Nice shampoos, conditioners, lotions and other toiletry items that you know he or she will like
  • Energy bars for breakfast on the go
  • Gift cards to a local grocery store

Reading week package

When exams are just around the corner, life on campus can get a little crazy. Help your student study hard and relieve stress with a care package perfect for reading week.

We suggest:

  • A stress ball
  • Gift cards to a local salon for a mani/pedi or massage
  • Pencils, pens, paper and any other school supplies that your student says they need
  • Miniature packets of tasty coffee, stored for safe cooking inside a new coffee tumbler
  • Brownies or cookies for late-night gnoshing

Movie night package

College isn’t all about frat parties and bars. There are also many wonderful college memories of staying in the dorm with friends for a low-key night of talking and laughing. Love on your kid with a care package that will help her enjoy a memorable movie night with her roommates.

We suggest:

  • Several DVDs to choose from — chick flicks, action movies and comedies all work
  • Microwave popcorn
  • Your choice of toppings for the microwave popcorn — it’s often fun to add white chocolate, M&Ms or miniature peanut butter cups for a sweet and savory treat

Tell us:

Which care packages meant the most to you when you left home?

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