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Hot, new kitchen tools for the home chef

No longer are the KitchenAid mixer and Cuisinart food processor the hot kitchen items. Sure, they’re still useful and help to take hours off of prep time, but there are new players in the game.

The kitchen is a place where you show your love (to yourself and your family) through the art of cooking. While old-school cooking gadgets will always hold a place in your heart — and kitchen — there’s new trends and tools on the horizon.


Mobile devices take over the kitchen

 Hot, new kitchen tools for the home chef

Devices like the iPad have effectively changed the way we find new recipes. They’ve also changed the way we follow them. More and more home chefs are using iPads in the kitchen. As such, The Orange Chef Company saw an opportunity they could capitalize on. Their iOS kitchenware is now a fixture in many kitchens across the country. They offer custom-fitted protective sleeves called Chef Sleeves for the iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone that keep the device clean while you’re cooking. Additionally, you can now keep the iPad upright while you cook, chop and splatter your way through the yummiest of recipes with their dishwasher-safe iPad stand and cutting board with built-in iPad stand. (The Orange Chef, from $20-$70)


Bluetooth technology

 Hot, new kitchen tools for the home chef

Chef Sleeve recently announced the launch of their newest product, the first Bluetooth Smart Food Scale. Representing a shift in the way people understand food consumption, it provides an in-depth understanding of not only the weight of what you are consuming, but the proportions of all macronutrients. Pretty much a super-smart personal nutritionist. The Smart Food Scale works in conjunction with its companion iOS app. (Shopify, $99)


Keep it fresh

 Hot, new kitchen tools for the home chef

A fun kitchen must-have is called FreshTape. Created by moms and BFFs Laura Wilkinson and Liz Gullum, it’s a reusable bag sealer that keeps food fresh and pantries neat and organized. Available in fun designs, lab tests show that FreshTape is more hygienic than other options, such as bag clips. It’s FDA approved, made in the U.S. and fully recyclable. So next time you want to save that dish for later, grab the FreshTape! (FreshTape, $10)


Spiralize it!

 Hot, new kitchen tools for the home chef

Recently, spiralizers have made their way onto the scene. Raw foodists love this gadget because it turns uncooked zucchini into spaghetti. Add some pesto sauce, chopped tomatoes and garlic and voila — a meal that anyone would enjoy! There are a bunch of brands to choose from, some of which you’ve probably never heard of. Your best bet? Do your research! We love this Paderno World Cuisine spiral vegetable slicer. (Amazon, $35)


Avocado overload

 Hot, new kitchen tools for the home chef

As someone who loves to eat salads and vegetables, any kitchen gadgets that help me prepare them easily become my new best friend. This is especially the case when it comes to avocado. There are so many different ways to use avocado in your meals, but I always seem to fail at retrieving it flawlessly from its outer shell. Avoloop comes to the rescue! It’s a peel and prep fruit and veggie tool that separates the skin or rind from avocados, kiwis, papayas, melons, baked potato, squash, mango, melons and more! (The Grommet, $20)


Salads in a snap

 Hot, new kitchen tools for the home chef

Snapi is a really simple and easy way to serve! The single-handed server is great for a family dinner or entertaining guests. Its clamshell design allows you to effortlessly scoop a portion without dropping any of it. (Which, by the way, I always do!) (The Grommet, $16)


Our favorite pick

 Hot, new kitchen tools for the home chef

The Snug is really one of my favorite items on the list. This tiny silicone product has so many different uses. It holds metal or wooden spoons on the edge of a hot pan, keeps a lid open just a bit and prevents serving utensils from slipping into the food. It’s made from heat resistant-grade silicone material that keeps utensils from absorbing extreme heat during cooking. Is that not genius? (ThinkHat, from $18)

What are some of your favorite kitchen tools?

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