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29 Fun and festive Halloween recipes

Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or just looking to creep out the kids with a spooky treat, we’ve got you covered with festive recipes for appetizers, sweets, cocktails and more.


Cheese mummy

 Halloween cheese mummy

Turn the classic party appetizer into an adorably cheesy mummy.

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Hot dog puff pastry fingers

 3-spooky Halloween dip ideas

Dip these creepy fingers into queso dip and a squirt of blood sauce.

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Pumpkin-shaped Rice Krispies treats

 Rice krispie pumpkin treats

Turn everyone’s favorite marshmallow treats into easy-to-make jack-o’-lanterns.

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Mini caramel apple bites

Mini-caramel apple bite recipe

Don’t risk breaking a tooth on a caramel apple. This miniature version is easier to eat (and easier to make!).

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Gluten-free gingerbread mummy cookies

 Gluten free gingerbread mummy cookies

Mummify your gingerbread men to make them Halloween-ready.

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Chocolate cauldron cake

 Chocolate cauldron cake

Use a balloon to form this edible cauldron and fill it with creepy-crawlies.

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Jell-O worms

 Jell-o worms

Thrill your party guests with a bowl of squiggly, squirmy Jell-O worms.

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Tombstone Oreo brownies

 Halloween Oreo Brownies

Decorate each decadent brownie with a grave marker for a spooky treat.

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Scary black cat cupcakes

 Scary black cat cupcakes

Take a bite out of these scary (and chocolaty) Halloween cats.

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Homemade Halloween treat jars

3 homemade Halloween treat jars

Perfect for party favors or hostess gifts, these homemade gift jars are way better than typical fun-sized candies.

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