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DIY photo place cards

Make these simple-yet-charming Christmas tree–shaped place cards for your next holiday party. Simple supplies plus colorful snapshots equal a unique way to decorate your holiday table.

DIY photo place cards

Supplies needed:

DIY photo place cards: supplies

  • Assorted photo prints, 4 x 6-inch or larger
  • Card stock, printed or plain
  • Metallic pipe cleaners, 1-1/2 for each tree
  • Black indelible marker
  • Low-temperature glue gun, glue sticks
  • Vintage wooden thread spools
  • Scissors


Throughout the year, make sure to carry your camera with you everywhere you go so that you never miss a photo op. The Canon EOS Rebel SL1 is a great option — it’s compact and lightweight, yet it takes professional-quality pictures (even if you are a novice photographer). The size of the SL1 makes it a perfect grab-and-go camera for busy moms and dads. The success of this craft, as well as almost any crafts that use photos, hinges on the quality of your photos. Great photos equal great results.



Create your shape

DIY photo placecards: Trace pattern of photo

Using card stock, draw and cut out a tree shape that will work best to showcase the faces in your photographs. Using that template piece and a black marker, trace the shape onto the front of each of your photographs. Cut along your shape, leaving the outline intact, to serve as a border.

DIY photo placecards: cut out shape


Create the background tree

DIY photo placecards: Create background tree

Now, trace the tree template onto card stock. Trace as many trees as you have photographs, and cut out each shape leaving a 1/4-inch overage so that when you layer the tree shapes, you will be able to see the border of the background print.


Assemble the tree

DIY photo placecards: Assemble tree

Cut one metallic pipe cleaner in half and glue that half onto the back side of the photo tree, near the bottom and in the middle. Now, glue the card stock tree on top with its face toward the back of the photo, sandwiching the pipe cleaner between the two shapes. To make the star, cut the other full pipe cleaner into eight equal pieces. Bundle up seven of the pieces, and using the eighth as a twist tie, secure the bundle in the middle. Bend the pipe cleaners out to shape the bundle into a starburst, as shown. Glue the star to the top of the tree-shaped photo.


Finishing touches

DIY photo placecards

Bend the end of the pipe cleaner trunk a few times so that it will fit snugly into the spool hole. Insert the bent end. If you want more color on your spool, wrap yarn or fabric around the empty spool.

DIY photo placecards: Bend tree trunk

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