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8 Best food blogging conferences

Food blogging, in the past five years, has become more than just a hobby. It’s a way of life, a full-time job and a passion shared by many people around the world. If you’re a food blogger, these conferences should be on your must-do list!

Eat, Write, Retreat!

Eat, Write, Retreat!
Photo credit: Daphne Domingo via Flickr

So many food blogging conferences, so little time. We’ve taken the time to share with you some of our favorites, what we love about them and what you’ll learn from attending them!


International Food Blogger Conference

Why we love it: One of the smaller conferences, IFBC was the first food blogging conference, ever. They’re pioneers in creating great seminars, showcasing some of the best sponsors and engaging with their attendees on a more personal level.

What you’ll learn: How to connect one-on-one with brands and bloggers alike.

Not only does The Heritage Cook share some sexy bacon maple chocolate chip cookies, her recap of one of the sessions at IFBC is great!


BlogHer Food

Why we love it: BlogHer Pro speakers come from all over the blogsphere, not only food. Professionals in writing, design, business, tech, law, memoirs and more guide you through seminars, demos and more!

What you’ll learn: Everything from cookbook proposals to SEO, BlogHer Food is one of the biggest conferences — you’ll meet everyone in the blog world, all in one spot!

Need an insider’s opinion? Check out Reluctant Entertainer’s recap of last year’s BlogHer Food in Austin, Texas!


International Association of Culinary Professionals

Why we love it: A more professional scenario, IACP as its name states, is made up of professionals in the food and beverage industry. Chefs like Marcus Samuelsson are speakers on subjects that, although they might not be directly linked to food blogging, relate to the food world we all live in.

What you’ll learn: How being a member of IACP isn’t only great for attending conferences but for networking in your own city.

I personally attended IACP last year, and you can check out the recap on Cooking with Books.



Why we love it: Created by two food bloggers, Paula of bell’alimento and Susan of Doughmesstic, Mixed conference only sells around 100 tickets and takes place in picturesque Mountain Lake Resort in Virginia.

What you’ll learn: Video blogging, photography and editing, food styling, publishing and more.

Katie’s Cucina attended last year’s Mixed conference and here’s her recap. We are loving the photos!



Why we love it: A traveling conference going through cities across North America helping bloggers learn the tools and tricks of the trade they need to succeed. Everything from working with brands to building buzz on your website is covered.

What you’ll learn: It’s fast paced, practical and hands on!

Wonder what TechMunch was like this year? Check out Lizz Delicious’ recap.


Eat, Write, Retreat!

Why we love it: Extremely hands on, this conference strengthens food blogging connections both with other bloggers as well as brands.

What you’ll learn: Food photography, writing, branding, hands-on cooking demonstrations and more.

Last year’s conference was in Philly and Fifteen Spatulas wrote a great post about it!


Camp Blogaway

Why we love it: Founded by Patti of Worth The Whisk, this blogger bootcamp brings you to the San Bernardino Mountains, where you’ll be warned that there is no WiFi and barely any cellphone service. More like a retreat, this blogger camp reminds you why you love blogging.

What you’ll learn: SEO, working with corporations, understanding PR folks, success stories, self-marketing and more.

Read more about Camp Blogaway in this post by blogger Liz over at The Lemon Bowl.


Big Traveling Potluck/Big Summer Potluck

Why we love it: More than a conference, it’s a big get-together of friendly faces and loving hearts. Bloggers meet new and old friends, listen to speakers and leave inspired and ready to create magic in their own world.

What you’ll learn: How priceless and awesome the food blogging community is.

We love this visual recap of The Big Summer Potluck 2013 by Brian of My Food Thoughts.

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