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15 Food trends that have been pinned to death

If we see one more pin with the words “pumpkin spice” we’re going to lose it. And while we’re at it, let’s apply that to cronuts, salted caramel, Sriracha, popcorn and s’mores. We love these foods, but let’s be honest, they’ve been pinned to death.

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Who knew cronuts would get so big?

If we see one more pin with the words “pumpkin spice,” we’re going to lose it. And while we’re at it, let’s apply that to cronuts, salted caramel, Sriracha, popcorn and s’mores. We love these foods but let’s be honest, they’ve been pinned to death.

The first time you see it, it’s jaw-dropping. A pumpkin spice double layer cake with oozing caramel frosting. You pin it to your “OMGEE PUMPKIN ROCKS” board and walk away smiling. Then, after a brief break, you return to your Pinterest page to find that every single follower of yours pinned it. And then decided to only pin things titled “pumpkin spice” for the rest of the day.

Well, if you’ve come to escape pumpkin spice and every other food trend, you’ve come to the wrong place. We’ve decided to write up 15 of the most pinned-to-death food trends and taunt you with them. Cruel, we know.




Photo credit: The Boy Who Bakes via Pinterest

OK, we get it. You can mate a croissant and a doughnut to make one flaky, insanely decadent breakfast. Can we move on already? Maybe a cinnarollcronutwafflecake will sweep the food scene next.


Salted caramel

Salted caramel

Photo credit: Inspired Taste via Pinterest

We don’t actually know why this became popular, but now you can’t find a dessert that has just regular caramel sauce or a normal caramel square recipe. If you’re watching your sodium intake, well, you’re SOL in the caramel department.


Mini desserts

Mini desserts

Photo credit: HWTM via Pinterest

We know, mini things are just so, like, OMG cute. But we’re over the mini trend. Primarily because it’s far easier to eat 10 mini cupcakes than 10 regular-size cupcakes. And now our pants don’t fit. So, we’re pissed.


S’mores, anything

S'mores, anything

Photo credit: Emeals via Pinterest

Who doesn’t love a s’more? But food bloggers? They’ve gone a little “cray” and have decided to turn every possible thing into a s’more. We’re scared of what might come if this trend doesn’t stop. S’more burgers? S’more pasta?


Cake pops

Cake pops

Photo credit: Wanna Bite via Pinterest

Ha! You thought cake pops were over. Silly you. These little balls of sweet, moist, delicious cake perfectly coated in frosting are never going anywhere. You get to spend six more hours in the kitchen crying into a bottle of wine because the darn balls won’t stop falling off the stick into the frosting bowl.



Orea peanut butter popcorn

Photo credit: Crazy for Crust via Pinterest

Instead of the super-boring toppings, like movie theater butter, people are doing all sorts of insane things with popcorn now. Candy corn cake batter chocolate chip rosemary popcorn, anyone?


Loaded dips

Loaded dips

Photo credit: How Sweet Eats via Pinterest

What’s a loaded dip? Well, basically anything that makes a very long, very cheesy trail when you dip into it with a study, whole-grain chip. If you need a reminder, just search “football food” on Pinterest.


Energy balls

Energy balls

Photo credit: Gimme Some Oven via Pinterest

We know why this trend is so popular on Pinterest. People just like saying and typing the word “balls.” Seriously guys, try doing it without giggling.


Pull-apart bread

Pull apart bread

Photo credit: Baked by Rachel via Pinterest

Have you ever had a pull-apart bread? You try to pull one piece off and then somehow, like magic, half of the loaf is gone. Pinners have gone crazy for it though. And apparently, the stranger the better. Bacon, eggs and kale in a bread?


Garlic bread

Garlic bread

Photo credit: Neighbor Food Blog via Pinterest

Not just for sopping up that leftover spaghetti sauce. Garlic bread is now something food bloggers eat for dinner. Alone. Topped with $25 wedges of cheese, cilantro, foraged truffles and hand-pressed olive oil.


Sriracha sauce


Photo credit: Domestic Fits via Pinterest

Also known as “rooster sauce,” this stuff cures cancer, or something like it. All it does to us is burn our tongue.




Photo credit: Style Me Pretty Living via Pinterest

This sauce has been around for at least 6 trillion years. But lately, since the invent of Pinterest, people have been pinning it like crazy. Apparently they’ve never heard of Prego?




Photo credit: Taste of Home via Pinterest

The messier the jar, cup measurer or bottle of sauce, the more pins it gets on Pinterest. We get it, barbecue sauce makes everything taste better (our husbands drink it). But realistically, how do you plan on picking up the sauce to pour it on your burger? With oven mitts?


Pumpkin spice

Pumpkin spice

Photo credit: Joyful Healthy Eats via Pinterest

If you didn’t know already, pumpkin spice is the elixir of youth. Just look on Pinterest. We’ve heard from a friend’s uncle’s brother’s aunt that she lost all of her wrinkles and belly fat just by adding some to her latte.


Ruffled cakes

Ruffled cakes

Photo credit: I Am Baker via Pinterest

You’ll get your butt booted out of the PTA faster than you can say “minivan” if you try showing up to your daughter’s school with a regular frosted cake. You have two choices, either top your cake with perfectly coiled chocolate ruffles or pipe the whole eight-tier cake with ombre ruffled frosting.

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