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Transform the main dish into a centerpiece

Make a meal that is so beautiful and creative, it can serve as the centerpiece as well as the main entree. Bloggers share their most creative ideas when it comes to transforming your meal into a centerpiece.

They say you eat with your eyes first, so why not make your kids’ meals so visually appealing they’ll be begging for seconds? We invite you to dress up the kids’ table with these simple foods that become a visual feast when served up as a centerpiece.

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A feast for the kids

Medieval meal

No child could pass up this medieval feast conjured up by Pamela Layton McMurtry, whose inspiration for this masterful meal came from actual medieval Halloween celebrations. Serve up kid-friendly items like “dragon scales” (green chips) with guacamole, dragon eggs (green deviled eggs), fruit, veggies and breadsticks, and punch in a glow-in-the-dark cauldron. Dress up the table with dragon figurines to complete the theme. Click here for more medieval meal ideas >>

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Vegan comfort food

Fried Aubergines from Fusion Mom

Redefine a dish that makes a centerpiece meal — even a meatless meal can be hearty enough to serve as a centerpiece main dish. Mihaela of Fusion Mom learned to make this traditional meal of fried aubergines (eggplants) with garlic-tomato sauce from her mom and grandmother when she was only about 6 years old. The dish is fairly simple, but it looks simply extravagant when dressed up with rice, baby corn and olives. Add small bowls of grape and cherry tomatoes to accompany the main meal. Set the platter in the center of your table and let guests dig in! Click here for full recipe >>

Pretty pizza

Tomato and basil pizza from Pretty Bitches Can Cook too

Make a pizza so pretty that you don’t need to bother with a centerpiece since the pizza becomes one! We love this heirloom tomato and basil pizza from Pretty Bitches Can Cook Too because it’s fancy enough to serve as the centerpiece at your dinner party — it’s easy and it’s healthy, too! What more could you ask for? Click here for recipe >>

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Sandwich switch-up

Jorj Morgan's pinwheel trio

Instead of serving sandwiches for a quick meal or casual party, serve up these pretty pinwheels that double not only as filling, delicious bites but but also as the centerpiece for the table. Alternate the types of pinwheels (Reuben, California and smoked salmon pinwheels are pictured above) to create an even more enticing visual impact. Blogger and cookbook author Jorj Morgan features the full recipes for these pinwheels in her ecookbook, Sunday Best Dishes.

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