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Best food museums in the world

Who said museums had to only be about art, culture, history or science? Some of the most unique museums out there are the ones all about food! Maybe your favorite food has a museum, so why not plan a trip and visit it this year?


Food museums, they’re all over the world! You can find them in Germany, Korea, Spain and, of course, right here in the U.S. They’re a food lover’s fantasy — that is if you love the specific food that’s showcased. Whether you’re a fan of mustard or kimchi, there is probably a food museum for you.

Food museums house not only samples of the exhibited food, but showcase a historical timeline of the product, elaborate and display how the product is made and, most of the time, stimulate your senses with spice rooms, in-house kitchens and expert chefs ready to tell you more about what’s in store in the museum.


The Currywurst Museum

The Currywurst Museum

Photo credit: SpirosK photography via Flickr

Known as the culinary staple of Germany, currywurst or curried sausage, is Berlin’s favorite food. At the Currywurst Museum, you’ll discover what makes up this unique sausage by checking out the tens of spices that make up a good curry powder. There’s a photo opportunity to stand behind a real snack cart and snap a picture to remember the moment.


The Pulmuone Kimchi Museum

Pulmuone Kimchi Museum

Photo credit: Pulmuone Kimchi Museum

If you’re a kimchi lover and plan on visiting Seoul anytime soon, be sure to stop by the Pulmuone Kimchi Museum. Don’t know what kimchi is? It’s fermented and spiced cabbage! Established in 1986, the museum and its staff studies the culture of kimchi, and develops strategic plans to promote the consumption of kimchi, inside and outside of Korea. Learn how it is made, watch a movie on its history and discover culinary applications for this marvelous Korean staple.


The Ramen Museum

The Ramen Museum

Photo credit: Agustin Rafael Reyes via Flickr

Ramen, it brings back memories of college days when you’d stock up on the packages and eat them on a daily basis! The Ramen Museum in Japan is a tad different — the ramen showcased are handmade and crafted with fresh ingredients, as ramen should be. Sure, there are displays of packaged ramen, but the main objective of the museum is to show museum visitors what an amazing dish ramen is. You’ll learn the basics and get to shop around for ramen ingredients in the gift shop.


The Spam Museum

Spam Museum

Photo credit: Bill Roehl via Flickr

Love the famous canned spiced meat? Then head to Minnesota and visit The Spam Museum! With free admission, you’ll be able to walk through the 16,500 square feet Spam world discovering vintage ads, great trivia, and even a World War II exhibit and Monty Python tribute! Want to take some Spam love home? Be sure to stock up on goodies at their Spam store!

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