The word "labor" may be in the name of the Labor Day holiday, but laboring is kinda the opposite of what we want to do. Thank God for restaurants, am I right? Labor Day falls on Monday, Sept. 4 this year, and there's a grip of places that are offering some great deals.

If you're planning on a lazy day at home, we've got the perfect recipes for you to create a memorable holiday in your own backyard too. Basically, we've got all your food bases covered.

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For those eating out…

Next up: For those staying in…

Originally published August 2013. Updated September 2017.

For those staying in…

Planning a Labor Day barbecue this year with family and friends? Check out our best grilling, side dish, dessert and cocktail recipes. With a meal like this, summer is certain to go out with a bang.

1. Fritos pie burger

Image: Meagan Wied/SheKnows

A juicy burger piled high with Fritos and chili? It doesn't get much better than that.

2. Tex-Mex chicken grill packets

Image: Brandy O'Neill/SheKnows

A tasty, simple meal you can throw together quickly in a foil packet, allowing you more time to socialize, play backyard games and enjoy a drink or two!

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3. Bacon fat-roasted potato salad

Image: Jackie Dodd/SheKnows

Instead of boiling the potatoes, roast them in bacon fat. This gives the potatoes the perfect consistency — and the flavor is unbelievable.

4. Pasta salad

Image: Brandy O'Neill/SheKnows

Pasta salad is perfect barbecue fare and pairs wonderfully with any item you choose to grill. Choose from 20 tasty options.

5. Key lime pie sugar cookie cups

Image: Brandi Bidot/SheKnows

These mini treats use store-bought sugar cookie dough for a super-easy dessert that's as cute as it is delicious.

6. No-bake peach cobbler trifle

Image: Brandy O'Neill/SheKnows

Quite possibly the easiest dessert you'll ever make — since you won't even need to turn on the oven. And because peaches are probably on special as the summer ends, we have 18 other peachy recipes for you to try: grilled peach pizza, teriyaki shrimp and peaches, peaches-and-cream rice pudding, oh my.

7. Boozy watermelon-lemonade slushie

Image: Brandy O'Neill/SheKnows

You can't have a Labor Day party without a few creative drinks. This boozy watermelon-lemonade slushie is perfect for summertime.

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8. Tequlia sunrise ice pops

Image: Westend61/Getty Images

These super-addicting tequila ice pops are top-notch for any outdoor gathering. They're cool and sweet, with just the right amount of te-kill-ya.