Petite sweet edible crafts

These tiny treats would be a huge hit at any party. Cute cupcakes, petite pies, clever caramel apples, dinky doughnuts and an itty-bitty birthday cake are all created using assorted candies and cookies. Even the decorative cake stands are edible!

Petite sweet edible crafts |

Petite sweet edible crafts

Ingredients and assembly:


Mini caramel apples

Mini caramel apples |

Cut white sucker sticks with wire cutters and wrap green Dum Dum suckers in caramel (squares or wraps).


Tiny candy cupcakes

Tiny candy cupcakes |

Use mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups “frosted” with circles of Laffy Taffy or Airhead candies, and top with white candy decorator balls.


Bite-sized chocolate pie

Bite-sized chocolate pie |

Use Voortman Vanilla Wafer cookies for the bottom and side crusts, add Toblerone candy bar triangles for the pie, and top with white chocolate chips for the whipped cream dollop.


Little doughnuts

Little doughnuts |

Soften caramel squares to form doughnut shapes. Dip tops in melted white candy melt, then dip into candy sprinkles.


Baby cakes

Baby cakes |

Top three mini Peppermint Patties with softened and sculpted Laffy Taffy to look like icing. Add Twizzlers Pull-N-Peel licorice for “candles.”


Small dessert stands

Small dessert stands |

Using chocolate candy melts, attach Necco Wafers to the bottoms of decorative, scalloped sugar cookies. Add dollops of chocolate candy melt to the centers of the Necco Wafers and attach Hershey’s Kisses. Allow to cool and harden.


Display your finger foods

Petite sweet edible crafts |

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