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2013 Fall food festivals in the U.S.

As we say goodbye to the carefree days of summer, don’t be sad! This upcoming fall season is shaping up to be an amazing few months for foodies. Food festivals abound and the huge variety only means one thing: There’s something for everyone!

Cape Cod Food Truck Festival

Cape Cod Food Truck Festival
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This fall go beyond the classic apple picking, cider making, and pumpkin patch visiting activities and explore all that fall has to offer. Some festivals include flying to Hawaii, but then again, who doesn’t want to go to Hawaii?! For more local events, be sure to check out your local and state Chamber of Commerce site.

Sept. 1–9, 2013

3rd Annual Hawaii Food & Wine Festival — Oahu, Hawaii

If you’re owed some vacation days, this is the time to take them! The Hawaii Food & Wine Festival is a nine-day event packed with delicious seminars and events! Everything from meeting local chefs to watching demonstrations from celebrity chefs like Morimoto, it’s a well-rounded festival in a gorgeous setting.

Sept. 14–15, 2013

Minnesota Cheese Festival — St. Paul, Minnesota

This is the festival for the ultimate and most devoted cheese lovers! Not only will you eat your way through some of the best cheeses in the region at the Minnesota Cheese Festival, but you’ll be able to attend workshops on cheese making, learning from industry leaders such as Patrick Moore. A variety of local artisan food companies will be present as well, pairing their items with cheeses, local brews, and wines.

Oct. 5, 2013

Cape Cod Food Truck Festival — Falmouth, Massachusetts

Food trucks have become not only a trend, but a way of life for many! Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite during your lunch break or you’re scarfing down a burger after midnight, food trucks will always be there for you (or so we hope!). The Cape Cod Food Truck Festival groups some of the best trucks of the region, so you can enjoy them all in one spot. Oh and a little insider’s tip: Fall is the best time to visit the Cape. Discount rates on hotels and activities once the summer is over means fewer tourists!

Oct. 11–13, 2013

Louisiana Seafood Festival — New Orleans, Louisiana

Ahoy seafood lovers! The Louisiana Seafood Festival is where you can “enjoy seafood dishes cooked every way you can imagine from vendors across the state, prepared with passion and creativity.”

Nov. 14–16, 2013

16th Annual Worlds of Flavor 2013 — Napa Valley, California

“The Culinary Institute of America’s Worlds of Flavor International Conference & Festival is widely acknowledged as our country’s most influential professional forum on world cuisines, food cultures and flavor trends.” This year’s theme is Kitchens Connected and will explore how kitchens around the world connect with flavors. Tokyo, Paris, Mexico City, New York, Istanbul, Lima, San Francisco — so many cities that have one thing in common: immersion of the food industry in trends is at its highest. This conference explores topics and connects attendees with chefs from around the world.


Whether you’re attending an all-seafood event or a day-long cheese workshop, we’re hoping this list of food festivals will inspire you to step outside your usual fall activities and explore new ones! For more information on food festivals, be sure to check out Food Reference, a fantastic resource in the culinary industry for up-to-the-minute information on festivals and more!

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