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Comfort food cookbook

We have dozens of feel-good recipes to keep you warm and cozy this autumn and winter. From soups and stews, to cheesy pastas and sandwiches to decadent sweets and drinks, we have you covered.


Warm up this season!

From soups and stews, to cheesy pastas and sandwiches to decadent sweets and drinks, we have you covered.

With more than 185 seasonal recipe ideas to choose from, you’ll have enough to last you until spring! Perfect for any occasion and every meal or course, whether you want to snuggle by the fire or entertain a crowd, there is something for everyone.


Hot pasta recipes

pasta recipe

Meaty or vegetarian, tomatoey or cheesy, one thing is for sure — nothing beats a big, heaping bowl of pasta on a chilly day.

Get the hot pasta recipes >>


Comfort food casserole recipes


One-dish casserole ideas your granny would approve of, including classics like sweet potato and green bean casseroles and some that are one of a kind, like chilly dog casserole and chicken cordon bleu.

Get the casserole recipes >>


Creative grilled cheese sandwiches

grilled cheese

We take some of your favorite dishes and turn them into a grilled cheese sandwich. Think: pizza, sloppy Joe, bacon mac ‘n’ cheese and ultimate nacho grilled cheese sandwiches.

Get the grilled cheese recipes >>


Waffle, pancake and French toast ideas


Move over cereal, we’re whisking up beer-flavored pancakes, peanut butter and banana French toast, a waffle-grilled BLT and more!

Get these unique breakfast recipes >>


Sweet and savory pumpkin recipes

pumpkin recipe

Nothing says autumn like pumpkin-flavored everything. Caramel pumpkin pull-apart bread, pumpkin-peanut curry, boozy pumpkin cheesecake shooters and pumpkin mac ‘n’ cheese. Say what?!

Get all the pumpkin recipes >>


Slow cooker comfort food recipes

slow cooker recipes

You can put almost anything in a slow cooker, and we prove it! Homemade Irish soda bread, pumpkin pie, cheesecake, turkey mole and chicken wings to name a few.

Get all the seasonal slow cooker recipes >>


Soups, stews, chilis and chowders


That’s right — enough soup ideas to last you all month. We list some of your favorites (hearty beef stew and black bean chili) and some you’ve maybe never heard of before (carrot ginger soup with cilantro oil or Buffalo chicken soup with orzo).

Get all the recipes for soups, stews, chilis and chowders >>


Decadent dessert ideas


Whether you’re in the mood for a snack that’s fruity, nutty or chocolaty, we’ve got the goodie for you. Check out this comprehensive guide to every cookie, brownie, pound cake, cupcake and pie you could dream up.

Get 31 decadent dessert ideas >>


Fall drink recipes

fall drinks

From kid-friendly to boozy, hot chocolate to apple cider, piping hot to cranberry cool, this list of fall drinks is perfect for entertaining.

Get these fall drink recipes >>


Unique meatloaf and meatball recipes

meatloaf recipes

When we think comfort food, we think the foods we grew up on. These meatloaf and meatball recipes might rival Mom’s.

Get 16 unique meatloaf and meatball recipes >>

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