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Top 10 burgers from around the world

Like Marshall from How I Met Your Mother, we believe an amazing burger is more than just a piece of meat on a bun. It can completely transform your day, your week, even your life, which is why we tracked down the 10 most incredible burgers in the world. Sometimes we just need some foodie spiritual enlightenment.

Double Double from In-N-Out

Photo credit: photoskate

Now, anyone knows that the key to an incredible burger lies in the ingredients. But it’s not just what it’s made with that makes a difference, it’s how it’s made too. That’s why we love each of these 10 burgers that are made with the best ingredients in the world by the people who love them the most.


In-N-Out burger, U.S. (West Coast)

To most West Coasters, In-N-Out isn’t just another fast food joint, it’s an institution. Considering the fan base this chain has, you’d think it was the brainchild of a celebrity chef. The Double-Double makes our list because the beef is prepared fresh, the American cheese is the real stuff and the buns are toasted to perfection.


Shake Shack, U.S. (East Coast)

Anything Danny Meyer touches turns to gold, and Shake Shack is no different. This East Coast franchise started as a cart in the middle of Madison Square Park, and now has shacks all over the East Coast and in London. too! The ShackBurger is simple, but good. It’s made from hand-ground 100 percent Angus beef and topped with fresh lettuce, tomato and onion.


Lunchbox Laboratory, U.S. (Seattle)

If regular burgers bore you, head to the Lunchbox Laboratory in Seattle and sink your teeth into their “Burger of the Gods.” This massive stack of meat is made up of a mix of freshly ground rib eye, sirloin and prime rib and is topped with blue cheese, candied balsamic onions, a pickle and a Gorgonzola spread. It’ll have you saying “Amen” after the first bite.


Royale Eatery, South Africa

The Royale Eatery restaurant has more than 50 gourmet burgers on the menu. However, the one that made our list is the Wagyu burger, which is made from pure Wagyu beef and is topped with beer-soaked and pickled onions, gherkins (savory pickled cucumbers) and home fries. It’s also served on a fresh-baked pretzel bun!

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