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15 Foods to put in a Mason jar

Storing your favorite foods in a Mason jar is a convenient way to have quick and easy meals on hand when you’re in a time crunch. From a hearty breakfast to delicious desserts, here are 15 foods that you can put in your Mason jar.

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Mason jar recipes

Making Meals
on the Fly

Storing your favorite foods in a Mason jar is a convenient way to have quick and easy meals on hand when you’re in a time crunch. From a hearty breakfast to delicious desserts, here are 15 foods that you can put in your Mason jar.

Overnight oats

Homemade overnight oats recipe

The Mason jar makes the preparation for this hearty breakfast minimal. Grab the jar, heat up the oats and go. Oats are high in fiber, which will help to keep you full during your busy morning.

Get the recipe >>


Mason jar breakfast parfait

Don’t have much time to make breakfast? No problem. Jump-start your day with a breakfast parfait. The fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, flaxseed meal and granola layered in the Mason jar is an easy, healthy breakfast alternative.

Find the recipe >>


Fresh corn, edamame and radish salad

Fresh corn, edamame and radish salad

Assemble this salad in your Mason jar for a quick grab-and-go lunch option. The fresh corn, cilantro, green onions and edamame make this summertime salad a treat.

Learn how to make this fresh salad >>


Taco Mason jar salad

Taco Mason Jar Salad

If you enjoy your Mexican dishes with lots of spice and kick, then you want to make sure you add this salad to your lunch menu. The layered ground turkey meat, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, black beans, corn and salsa make this dish mmm-mmm bueno!

Get the recipe >>


Chunky Mediterranean Mason jar salad

Chunky Mediterranean Mason Jar Salad

Who doesn’t enjoy a vibrant, colorful salad? Well if you are a fan, then you’ll love the flavors from this dish thanks to the plum tomatoes, olives, fire-roasted red and yellow peppers and of course, pass the feta cheese please!

Find the full recipe >>


Caprese Mason jar salad

CAprese mason jar salad

Mozzarella, assorted colored plum tomatoes, orzo pasta and baby spinach will make this popular salad a hit at the next summer picnic or barbecue. This crisp salad is light but will still leave you and your guests satisfied.

Get the recipe >>


Cobb Mason jar salad

Cobb Mason Jar Salad

This popular American salad is a quick option for a hearty, filling dinner. From the chicken, egg and lettuce, to the bacon, cheese and tomatoes, you’ll enjoy the variety of flavors this salad has to offer.

Learn how to make this salad >>


Layered bean dip

Have the most talked about dip at your next get-together when you show up with this dish. Pair this dip with crackers, tortilla or pita chips, breadsticks or veggie sticks.

Learn how to make this dip >>


Mason jar s’mores

Mason jar s'mores

Recreate your classic childhood treat without all of the messiness. The Mason jar helps to retain the flavor without all the messy drama! Your kids will love this tasty treat.

Learn how to create a jar of s’mores >>


Mason jar pumpkin cupcakes

Mason jar pumpkin cupcakes

Who says you have to wait until the fall to enjoy a little pumpkin flavor? The cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg add a warm, spicy kick to this autumn-inspired treat.

Learn how to make it >>


Creamsicle cupcakes

Orange creamsicle cupcake

Move over Popsicles — we’re making room for these creamsicle treats. The vanilla orange-flavored frosting gives these cupcakes the right amount of sweetness. They’ll make delicious treats for your friends or your sweetie.

Learn how to make creamsicle cupcakes >>


Homemade yogurt

Homemade yogurt

Whip together this simple two-ingredient recipe in a Mason jar. Enjoy this power food as a tasty snack or breakfast on your way out the door.

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Carrot cake cupcakes

Carrot Cake on the Go

Enjoy this yummy, moist dessert layered with cream cheese frosting conveniently from your jar. The travel-size container allows you to savor the richness wherever you go.

Get the full recipe >>


Mason jar tortilla soup

Get ready to have a hit at the dinner table with this super easy to prepare soup! Toss in the five ingredients, cilantro and tortilla strips, and you have a delicious layered soup that the whole family can enjoy.

Get the recipe >>


Apple quinoa parfait recipe

Apple quinoa parfait

Tired of the same old breakfast? Spice up your morning routine with this recipe. Combining protein-packed quinoa with the nutrients and fiber from an apple is a great way to jump-start your morning with a healthy delight.

Make your power breakfast >>

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