Girls night in: Host a Pinterest-themed party

For your next “Girls Night In” soiree, skip the usual wine and chick flicks, and treat your gal pals to a Pinterest-themed evening of great food, tasty drinks and fun projects.

Girlfriends having a dinner party

Pinterest has quickly become the go-to site for discovering just about anything designed to make your life more fabulous and rewarding. From recipes, health tips and gift ideas to crafts, do-it-yourself projects and inspirational quotes, Pinterest offers a treasure trove of inspiration.

If you’ve never been to a Pinterest party, don’t stress! These get-togethers aren’t nearly as difficult to plan and coordinate as you may suspect. Here are a few ideas to help you host a fun, creative Pinterest-inspired party.

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Send your guest list a Pinterest-themed invitation

Forget about inviting people to your party via Facebook or text message. Instead, order or create Pinterest party invitations and mail them to everyone on your guest list. Etsy shop Brown Paper Studios offers spunky, colorful options that quickly tell guests what to do before the party, what to bring to the party and what to expect during the party. You can also get crafty well before the party begins and create your own handmade invitations.

Invite guests to bring a dish, drink or dessert they discovered on Pinterest

Pinterest is packed with clever food and drink ideas, and there’s a good chance your Pinterest-obsessed friends are itching for a great excuse to test their newly discovered recipes. Rather than providing the party snacks and drinks yourself, encourage each guest to bring one food or drink item they found on Pinterest. Your guests will enjoy chatting about the recipes, taste-testing different items and getting a chance to show off the most unique, drool-worthy food or drink they could find.

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Get crafty during the party

Pinterest is packed with do-it-yourself projects and crafts. A lot of people pin these projects with the best intentions of completing them, but more often than not, few actually do. A Pinterest-themed party offers a perfect opportunity to finally do that craft or project you’ve been meaning to try, but haven’t had time to tackle. As hostess, you can pick the project your guests will complete and provide the supplies they’ll need to complete it. Another option is to encourage each guest to lead the others through a project or craft of their choosing. If you go for this option, make sure the projects are quick and simple, and that everyone has the supplies they’ll need.

Turn your Pinterest party into a regular affair

If you suspect your party is a hit, suggest doing it again on a monthly basis. This way, you and your friends will have plenty of opportunities to try other recipes and more projects. Eventually, you can even theme your Pinterest parties around the holidays and use this time to create gifts and experiment with new recipes to share at holiday gatherings.

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