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Kids’ table preparedness: Make the kids table the place to be

Add some pizzazz to the kids table this holiday season with these fun and easy tips! From candy trees to themed table settings, you might just find the adults enjoying dinner with the kids this year.

Add some colOR

Rather than cleaning crayon marks off the walls and sofas this year, encourage the kids to get their creative juices flowing at the kids table! Roll white craft paper over the table and fill small buckets or containers with colorful crayons for each child. Not only will the kids stay busy while the adults enjoy dinner, but cleanup will be a breeze!


Kid friendly bites

Rather than creating a whole new menu just for the kids, simply make some easy adjustments and you’ll have a kid friendly meal.

  • Fill small bowls with ketchup, honey mustard, and other fun sauces so the kids can choose their favorite dips for dinner!
  • Making cornbread or other large rolls? Save some batter and make a batch in a mini-muffin tin for easy-to-eat small bites for the kids.
  • Sprinkle vegetables with low-fat cheese and serve fresh fruit with low-fat yogurt.
  • Give each child a Styrofoam cone and a variety of holiday candies. With a bowl of royal icing for the children to share, let each child build a holiday candy tree by sticking their candies onto the tree-shaped cone using the royal icing as the glue.



Use a fun theme to add some whimsy to the kids table this year. Charlie Brown and Dr. Seuss are great options – or choose your kids’ favorite holiday story. Make simple place cards out of paper and markers with character names like “Charlie” and “Lucy”. Let each child choose their character and place to sit for dinner. Print images of the story to decorate the table.

For a Charlie Brown Christmas, place a small tree in the center of the table and allow the children to decorate pre-cut paper ornaments and hang on the tree while the adults enjoy finishing dinner.

Keeping the children occupied with fun and crafty projects is easy with packs of crayons, paper, markers, and fun decorations from your craft store. If they finish crafting, let the children watch a Charlie Brown Christmas white you finish up dinner.

Other fun themed ideas for your kids table? Winter Wonderland, a Disney Holiday, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.


Story time

Let each child write their very own holiday story using colored paper, crayons, markers, and other craft supplies. After their stories are finished, ask each child to share their story. The winning story receives a grand prize (holiday ornament or goodie bag).

Another fun story idea? Ask each child to think of their favorite book. Then encourage each child to write a holiday version with their favorite characters. Not only are your children enjoying lots of creative writing but you get to enjoy a nice dinner without interruption. Be sure to have a small goodie bag for each child so everyone stays happy!

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