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Craziest ice cream flavors

Summer is now being felt all across the country, with some southern states registering temperatures over 100 degrees F. So with the hot weather and humid days, what’s better than a scoop of your favorite ice cream? These might not be your usual flavors, but they sure are interesting!

Bacon ice cream

joyosity via Flickr

Everyone craves a cold treat on hot summer days and sometimes we run into ice cream shops selling some of the most interesting flavors. Everything from octopus to cilantro ice cream, each flavor crazier than the next. The craziest flavors can be found on the Asian continent, where ice cream makers rely on the interesting palates of the population to create new flavor combinations. Although here in the U.S., we’re stuck on vanilla and chocolate as safe choices, slowly but surely we’ve discovered that we can make ice cream with just about any ingredients!

Whip up a batch of homemade avocado ice cream >>


Lobster ice cream

A luxurious ingredient that most people adore, sweet lobster chunks are folded into a butter-flavored ice cream base. Sounds like a good idea in theory, but the buttery lobster chunks tend to congeal, making it hard to enjoy. But if you’re a lobster lover, it’s a once in a lifetime must try! Want to try lobster ice cream? Head to Ben and Bill’s on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.


Curry ice cream

Normally when you consume curry, it’s a large steaming hot bowl of curry over rice, spicy with flavor. But this ice cream is infused with both curry powder and fresh shredded carrots for an unusual sweet treat. This curry carrot recipe can be found on Not Eating Out in New York.


Craft beer ice cream

This might sound unusual, but who wouldn’t want to have their beer and eat their ice cream, too?! A variety of beers are used to make Frozen Pints and every beer lover can find their favorite: lambic, IPA, ale and even a variety of stout flavors.

Sip on this creamy Guinness ice cream float >>


Bacon ice cream

Bacon has invaded every food item and ice cream had to be on the list! Those who love sweet and savory combinations with a hint of smoke will love a bacon ice cream. Make sure to scoop it over a warm waffle and drizzle it with maple syrup to get the complete sense of bacon!


Jalapeño ice cream

Fresh cream laced with spicy and grassy notes of the pepper, this is a fun ice cream to pair with savory components in your dish or as a way to add spice to a simple dessert. Food blogger Alejandra Ramos of Always Order Dessert creates this luscious recipe for a jalapeño ice cream using a cornstarch base instead of an egg custard — perfect for easy summer days!

Look outside the pint

This summer challenge yourself to look outside the ice cream pint and create some amazing new flavors — the crazier the better. Remember that you can flavor your ice cream base by steeping ingredients in the cream portion of your recipe, and you can use add-ins to create texture and add flavor. Now get churning!

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