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How to make an Arnold Palmer

Legendary golfer Arnold Palmer used to order half-lemonade and half-iced tea during the 1960 US Open. One woman overheard his drink order and told the bartender she wanted “one of those Palmer drinks, too.” Ever since, the half-and-half has become a summertime classic.

Check out these different ways to create an Arnold Palmer of your own.


The classic Arnold Palmer

Image source: Good Stuff at Home

Take an empty glass (preferably a Collins glass) and fill it with ice. Add lemonade to the halfway point, then fill the rest with unsweetened iced tea.


It is said that Arnold Palmer himself liked about 70 percent iced tea and 30 percent lemonade, and used the lemonade as the sweetener. With just 30 percent lemonade, it could be a little tart for some people’s palates.


The Southern Arnold Palmer

Image source: Mother Would Know

This recipe is exactly the same as the classic – half lemonade, half iced tea. For the Southern version of this yummy mocktail, use some classic sweet tea for a taste that some think can only be found below the Mason Dixon line.

Sweet tea can be made and perfected in any state! To make your own at home, add a tea bag of black tea to a cup of boiling water. Add sugar while the water is still hot. Voila! You’ll feel like a southern belle sipping this mixture.


Flavored teas

Image source: Running in Pink

Another way to switch up the usual Arnold Palmer is to change the type of tea paired with the lemonade. Instead of iced tea, try chai, vanilla, Earl Grey or orange pekoe tea for a different flavor. If you do decide to experiment with chai, make it weak so it does not overpower the lemonade.

You could also change the lemonade flavor as well — for example, raspberry, strawberry, passion fruit or watermelon. Your taste buds will go wild.


Spiked Arnold Palmer

Image source: Comfy Belly

Turn this mocktail into an adult beverage. A simple way is to add bourbon or vodka to the regular half-and-half mix. If you’re trying to spice things up, you could look for tea-flavored vodka or even add sour mix to add another level of sweetness.

Add ice, a lemon wedge and a straw. Sip casually by the pool while reclining in a chair. You can thank us later.

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