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Top 5 foods to cool you down this summer

Summer’s here — and it’s hot! Instead of being miserable all summer, eat (and make) these fun, healthy foods guaranteed to help cool you off.

Woman eating watermelon

As a long-standing resident of Phoenix, Arizona — aka The Sun — summers are all about survival.

Temperatures reach an average of 110 degrees F, usually higher, meaning us Arizonians need to find a way to stay cool. We can crank the A/C down, go swimming and hit up museums and indoor malls. We can head north for weekend getaways in cooler weather, but what really works the best is eating a diet rich in foods that cool you off. Seriously — it works! Here are five foods guaranteed to help you beat the heat this summer.




Watermelon is cool and refreshing and consists mostly of water. It contains a mere 50 calories per cup, making it an excellent snack or dinner side dish for those watching their weight. According to Digital Journal, it’s good for your heart, contains cancer-fighting antioxidants and helps treat inflammation of the joints.

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Not only will cucumbers help cool you off (try them sliced with a bit of salt and pepper), they’ll also provide you with a quick, midday pick me up. Natural News states that cucumbers keep the body hydrated and help eliminate toxins from the body. They cure hangovers, aid in digestion, help control weight and contain almost all the daily vitamins needed by your body.

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Whether you prefer Yoplait, Greek or my personal favorite — frozen — you can’t go wrong with yogurt in the summer. Yogurt is healthy, filling and will certainly help cool you down. Make a parfait with fresh berries and granola for breakfast or have a date night at your local frozen yogurt shop one evening.

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Iced tea

iced tea

As much as we love our coffee, it’s not going to keep us cool this summer and, in fact, will only make us hotter. Switch out your hot morning coffee for a glass of chilled iced tea, instead. There are plenty of flavors to choose from — most of which contain caffeine — so with some trial and error you’ll be able to find one you like. We love raspberry and peach iced teas for the summer!

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Leafy green salads with juicy tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, red onions and a light vinaigrette should be served before dinner as much as possible during the hot summer months. Green salads contain mostly water, making them easy to digest and leaving you feeling cool and energized. We love these simple salad recipes to bring to a potluck or serve at a barbecue.

Foods to avoid

The last thing you want in the summer is to feel hot and dehydrated. To avoid this uncomfortable feeling, try to eliminate or greatly reduce your intake of alcohol, soda, processed food and fried food. Not only do these foods leave you feeling icky, they also increase your body heat, zap you of your energy and dehydrate you. Stick to fresh fruits, raw veggies and lightly cooked foods, instead.

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