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Summer 2013 food trends

It’s tough to keep up with the trends, especially in the culinary world where new flavor combinations, ingredients and techniques are always popping up!

What’s happening in the food world
Iced Tea

As the seasons change, so do the food and drink trends in the market. We are no longer making stews and hot chocolate. It’s time for Maine lobster rolls and sipping on sun tea.

Today we’re sharing some summer 2013 food trends you’ll encounter not only at restaurants but in your local farmers markets as well as on your favorite food blogs.


Move over chickens, duck eggs are all the rage now

duck egg

You’ll see fried duck eggs topping burgers and sandwiches all over the U.S. Since duck eggs are noticeably larger than chicken eggs, you get more nutrition packed in each egg. Experts also say that duck eggs make their cakes and baked good rise higher and create a more tender crust. During your next barbecue, fry some duck eggs and top your burgers with them, your guests will be pleasantly surprised!

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Coffee beans are traded in for loose-leaf teas

tea leaves

With the summer heat approaching, switch your hot coffee for iced teas, specifically using loose-leaf teas. Tea companies are really approaching tea making as creating art, carefully crafting teas with a mix of dried tea leaves, herbs and even dried fruit like goji berries. Cold brew teas overnight for a sweet treat in the morning.

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Sitting with strangers aka communal tables


Restaurants are taking advantage of their floor space and setting up large communal tables for their patrons to share with other patrons. Whether you’re a couple walking into a restaurant with a communal table, or you’ve decided to take yourself out on a date, sitting at a communal table will introduce you to new people who obviously enjoy the same taste in restaurants. Engage in conversation when it seems appropriate but set limits. Not everyone loves sharing a bite of their dish with a complete stranger!

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Meet the new squeeze in town, grapefruit


Stop squeezing the oranges and limes and start drinking the grapefruit juice. Grapefruits are all the rage. They are the base to the classic Mexican drink, the Paloma, and are popping up on dessert menus. Grapefruit brulee? Simply sprinkle some granulated sugar on half a grapefruit and place under the broiler for a few minutes. A sugary crust will form over the juicy citrus fruit for the perfect way to start the day.

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