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How to eat more spinach

Spinach is not something that everyone enjoys, but with so many ways to make dishes adding spinach, more and more are loving the green leaf everyday.

How to eat more spinach | SheKnows.comI love buying giant quantities of fresh spinach and then challenging myself to include it in every meal of the day. Low in calories and one of the most concentrated source of nutrients, spinach is a dark leafy green that most people know and eat. It’s readily available as an organic veg (we recommend buying it organic) and is unstoppably versatile in the vegan kitchen. Here’s how you can eat more of Popeye’s favorite food.

Green smoothies

It’s true: You can toss a generous handful of spinach into your morning smoothie and hardly even notice. Hide the green from your kids by including dark colored fruit, such as blackberries or blueberries.

Spinach scrambles

Add sautéed spinach to your favorite tofu scramble recipe to give your vegan breakfast a big boost in nutrition.

Veggie sandwiches

Move over lettuce; spinach is a healthier addition to vegan sandwiches.

Spinach nibbling

How often do you find yourself noshing on ingredients as you cook? Set a bowl of spinach alongside your ingredients and eat a handful of spinach to cut down on calories and load up on vitamins and minerals. (Calories eaten while you’re cooking do count and can add up.)

Spinach salads

Fresh spinach salads always feel heartier than spring green salads. Toss in walnuts, dried cranberries and red onion for a colorful and delicious side dish.

Spinach and whole grains

Add fresh or sautéed spinach to your favorite whole-grain and pasta dishes. It will lend color, flavor and nutrition to the mix.

Spinach in desserts

Purée spinach with beans and use the nutrient-dense mixture to replace the fat in your baked goods.

Get creative

If you have other delicious and nutritious ways to eat more spinach, share in the comments section below.

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