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3 Must-have mommy products

If mommyhood is in your future, consider the following three must-have mommy products.
If mommyhood is in your future, consider the following three must-have mommy products.

Cycle Beads

Are you TTC? Then Cycle Beads are for you. Natural, effective and side-effect free, using Cycle Beads allows you to predict your most fertile days online, on your smartphone, or with the Cycle Beads bracelets. Cycle Beads are based on the Standard Days Method, which is a fertility awareness-based family planning method, researched and developed by the Institute of Reproductive Health at Georgetown University.  Cycle Beads are designed to help you track your cycle and know when you are on a fertile day or a non-fertile day.

MAMA Maternity Alert Jewelry

Approximately 3 percent of pregnant women are in car accidents each year. The immediate care a women receives after an accident can be crucial to the life of her unborn baby.  In the case of an accident or other medical situation where you can’t speak for yourself,  MAMA Jewelry can alert first responders to the early pregnancy when there is no obvious bump, whether it’s a car accident, fainting, a fall, diabetic reaction or any other instance where an expectant mother may become unconscious. Each pendant (for bracelet or necklace) is made of stainless steel with a traditional stork, historically recognized as the symbol of birth, and the medically recognized, blue “star of life.” With the addition of your expected “due date,” your pendant displays vital information that could alter the treatment you and your baby receive in the event of a medical emergency.

Divine Mama Bars

Whether you’re vegetarian or going vegetarian for your pregnancy and during breastfeeding, having enough milk is essential to your baby’s health and development and Divine Mama Bars can boost your milk production. Divide Mama Bars, which contain whey protein, are power food for the breastfeeding mama, made of all-natural lactogenic ingredients, such as apricots, oats, nuts, dates, and flax seeds. They are also free of artificial sweeteners and processed starches. Even if your milk-flow is satisfactory, Divine Mama Bars taste great and are perfect for an afteternoon pick-me-up.

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