Go fully raw with Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram

May 17, 2012 at 5:38 p.m. ET

Even if you're following a healthy vegan diet, you may be feeling fatigued, foggy headed or even unenthusiastic about life. Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, who just launched FullyRaw.com, has felt your pain, and advocates a holistic raw lifestyle to boost your health and happiness. Here are her five tips to go fully raw.

Go Fully Raw with Kristina Carrillo Bucaram | SheKnows.com

Get inspired and be an inspiration

According to Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, when our health is suffering, we start searching for remedies and ways to feel better. We're focused on finding inspiration, not being an inspiration. "The best way that I know how to describe what someone feels like when they go 'Fully Raw' or adapt to a 100 percent raw foods lifestyle is that they simply want to jump on top of the world and yell, 'I am free! I found happiness,'" the raw food expert explains. "Fully Raw means feeling good enough about your perfect health to want to share the gift of life and health with others."

What is Fully Raw?

Carrillo-Bucaram's philosophy on the raw food diet is to consume primarily fresh, whole, unrefined, living, plant-based foods: fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and seeds, which are consumed in their natural state without cooking or steaming.

Fully Raw means fully happy

"Eating raw is not only one of the best cures for almost all sicknesses, diseases and addictions, but also the secret of life and living," enthuses Carrillo-Bucaram. "Many seek balance, joy, peace, excitement, love and self-respect in their lives, and this is the most real path to reach that state of utter, never-ending gratitude."

Healing takes time and a holistic approach

Diet-induced damage to our bodies occurs over time and will take time to heal. "Many of us have dozens of years of damage to cleanse from our bodies, and this cannot be done overnight," she explains. "Further, we cannot simply focus on one aspect of our lives, but we must take into account all habits and thoughts while living for optimal health. Depending on where you are in your life, you may feel like health is far away or very near. Regardless, Fully Raw lifts you to the next level! Imagine how high you can soar!"

5 Tips to adopt a holistic Fully Raw diet

Carrillo-Bucaram offers the following easy-to-incorporate raw food tips.

1. Eat one meal a day of solely fruit

Eat a huge bowl of fruit as a meal. This can be a variety of fruit or merely a fruit medley platter. This energizes you and gives your body a source of pure, simple carbohydrates and simple sugars that are easily used by the body. In addition, by eating one meal of fruit, it keeps you from eating other processed foods that may be in your diet.

2. Cook raw weekly

Find five simple raw recipes that you enjoy and make each one once a week! This gets you in the habit of eating more fruits and vegetables!

3. Have a picnic

Eat fruits or salads with friends in a park or in the sunshine. Not only will you be enjoying eating beautiful foods, but you will also be enjoying the company of those who you love in the sunshine!

4. Prioritize exercise and sleep

While being Fully Raw focuses primarily on raw food choices, exercise and sleep play a serious role in assisting you in feeling your absolute best. Get at least seven to eight hours of sleep and at least 30 minutes of cardio three to four times a week.

5. Be loving and gentle with yourself as you attempt to eat healthier

Part of being Fully Raw is also addressing your emotional health and body image. Remember that you are on this journey to further love your body and persona. If you focus on perfection, you will miss all of the beautiful parts of your body and soul that make you who you are.

If you are interested in raw food recipe videos, please check out and subscribe to Kristina's YouTube Channel!

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