How to make vanilla salt

You’ve used vanilla sugar, but have you ever heard of vanilla salt? This rare find can be made in your very own kitchen and it is an ultra-special ingredient to use in both sweet and savory recipes. You can even make extra to give away as a special gourmet gift. Once you try it, you’ll want to keep vanilla salt within easy reach as you’re cooking.

Wondering how to use vanilla salt? Experiment! Swap it in for regular salt in savory recipes and when you’re baking sweet treats. I especially love vanilla salt sprinkled lightly on top of brownie batter before baking (I’m a fiend for any salt and chocolate combination).

Vanilla Salt

Makes 1 cup



  1. Place salt and vanilla bean in a mason jar, seal, and set aside for a few days. The vanilla scent and flavor will permeate through the salt.

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