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Bright, Sunny Names Perfect for Your New Summer Baby

Pregnancy is never a walk in the park — however, being preggo during summer can be particularly trying. It’s already hard enough to sleep at night, but when you throw hot weather into the mix, well, it’s nothing nice. The silver lining? When you give birth to a summer baby, you have so many cheery names to choose from, inspired by the beautiful season into which they were born.

These sweet names perfect for a summer baby just make all the effort worth it.

Warm weather

After cold winters and rainy springs, we welcome the sun and heat of summer with joy … and with baby names like Summer, Sunshine and, for a boy, Sonny. Or consider a name like Teresa, which means “late summer,” or Somerset, which means “summer settlement.”

Summer months

Naming a child after the month in which he or she is born is a long-standing practice. Try the classic June for a girl and July (Julius, Julian) or August (Augustus) for a boy (Augie is such an adorable nickname!). Or follow the celebs’ lead, and pay tribute to the seventh month with the first or middle name Seven.

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Independence Day

The Fourth of July is considered by many as the official start of summer. Patriotic names are the perfect way to pay tribute to the nation’s birthday. Honor George and Martha Washington, Paul Revere and Betsy Ross. Or mark the occasion with a meaningful name such as Freedom, Justice or Liberty.


Think about your favorite town or beach. Does your family have a special vacation destination? Place names are always in fashion, like Georgia, Paris, India, Ireland, and London for girls, and Austin, Bronx, Dallas, Orlando, and Phoenix for boys.

Bird songs

Tune in to the beautiful music of our feathered friends, and honor them with a special, bird-inspired baby name. For girls, you might try Lark, Phoebe, or Wren. More masculine bird names include Eagle, Hawk, and Talon.

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Sweet smells

Summer brings the aromas of flowers, campfires, barbecues and salty sea air. Give your baby a sweet-smelling name like Heather, Jasmine, Rose, Herb, or Hickory.

Labor Day

The Labor Day weekend brings most summer vacations to a close. Babies born at the end of August or beginning of September can pay tribute to Labor Day with an occupational name like Baker, Chandler, Fisher, Hunter, Mason, and Tanner.


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A version of this article was originally published in 2016.

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