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These Amazing Letter Board Instagram Photos Nail the Pregnancy Experience

You know those letter board pics you see all over your Instagram feed? Well, little did you know, they’re all thanks to little Wynn Galbraith. When Wynn was six months old, she was the first baby to be Instagrammed in “flat lay” style (that’s directly from above, for those of us still stuck in 2007) with a unique prop: a felt letter board. At least, so say her parents Johnny and Joanna Galbraith, whose online letter board store has made the humble wooden-framed sign the most ‘grammable prop since faux flowers and sheepskin.

When baby Wynn first struck a pose, it was with a simple age letter board.

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Our smallest board with our smallest model.

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Four years later, and there’s no savvy momfluencer left who has swerved clear of the letter board trend. Given that it’s a simple blackboard with white letters arranged to say whatever you want it to, the possibilities are endless. A letter board with a witty, cutesy or inspirational comment can work in any scenario, it seems. But for the cute factor, you can’t beat a pregnancy letter board.

Here are 13 that completely nail what growing a human in your uterus is really like.

Get the eff out of here

Any pregnant person whose gone past their due date — and plenty of those who haven’t, too — will relate hard to this “eviction notice” posted by Married at First Sight star Jamie Otis.

So sick, so in love

If you’re feeling nauseous during your first trimester, you might as well get some Insta-sympathy.

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I have never felt so sick, so exhausted, and so in love. My house is a disaster, literally. Most days Zoey and Hazel wear their pajamas all day long and I eat every 15 min to make that disgusting metallic taste in my mouth go away, but that doesn’t matter. Nothing else matters. I don’t care about wrappers on the floor. I don’t care that I’ve reached the uncomfortable underwear in the pile because everything else is dirty. What matters is that Zoey comes over and kisses my belly. What matters is that Hazel runs around holding the Eugene doll from Tangled all day long. What matters is that Tim cooks dinner and bathes the girls and tell me that I am doing a good job even though all I’ve done all day is breathe. Pregnancy is so beautiful and painful and exhausting and the smallest price to pay to be able to hold the missing puzzle piece of our family. #13WeeksPregnant

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Every bump is perfect

It’s tempting to compare your baby bump to the millions of others on social media. Don’t. It’s completely perfect, just the way it is.

Can’t. Stop. Eating.

Whether it’s weird-and-wonderful cravings or all the pizza, we highly recommend eating whatever your baby demands. Fill that growing belly, Mama.

Could I be any more tired?

Regular daytime naps and mountains of maternity pillows just don’t take away the sheer exhaustion of being pregnant.

It takes a village

Okay, maybe not an entire village. But at some point, you’re gonna need help to tie your laces, at least.

What exercise?

Some moms exercise regularly during pregnancy. Some moms barely make it off the sofa for 40 weeks. Both are fine.


The waddle is strong

Starting to feel like a penguin? Think of the pregnancy waddle as your signature move.

Running out of womb

If you think your maternity pants feel tight, try fitting everything you need into your hospital bag.

When pants are too much

If there’s one time you can get away with jammies all day, it’s now. Make the most of it.

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Bears. Beets. Bump. #37weekspregnant

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The month that feels like a year

It might be insomnia. It might be getting up 275 times per night to pee. It might be nerves that you’re about to be a mom (or a mom again). Whatever the last month of pregnancy feels like for you, you can bet it will feel like the longest of your life.

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….yup #growingbabyemmons

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Did somebody say “hormones?”

Yes, hormones are running wild during pregnancy. No, you’re not allowed to mention it.

A version of this story was originally published in September 2019.

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