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The Flight Attendant Star Kaley Cuoco Has the Best Advice For How to Unwind & Feel Refreshed

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To know Emmy-nominated actress Kaley Cuoco is to love her, whether you first made her acquaintance as Penny on The Big Bang Theory or are a more recent convert to her talents from HBO Max series The Flight Attendant, the highly-lauded comedic thriller anchored by Cuoco’s performance as out-of-her-depth flight attendant Cassie Bowden. Amid new professional highs, Cuoco hit another turning point: in September of this past year, she announced her split from husband Karl Cook after three years, appearing in a stunning, sunny gown at the Emmy Awards just a few weeks later to celebrate her first-ever nomination. From that dazzling appearance, we saw a glimpse of the Cuoco years in the making: beautiful, bubbly, and impossible to keep down. SheKnows spoke with Cuoco for a new interview on her favorite beauty buys, self-care tips, and how her life has changed — read on for her candid replies.

Cuoco makes one thing clear quickly: She needs to stay entertained to stay sane and stay happy. That means staying active, seeking out new experiences, and traveling as much as possible. Cuoco credits online travel agency Priceline, with whom she has a partnership, for “making these getaways a reality,” and thank goodness, as the actress says her favorite way to recharge is getting back to her horses at her ranch.

“Spending time with my horses at my ranch [is what I do for ‘me time’], Cuoco shared. “It’s a special place created to bring me peace and solitude when I need to get away.”

Cuoco’s love of riding was certainly something she shared with her ex Cook, a professional equestrian, but she’d been an athlete long before that as a former amateur tennis player. While she’s not quite picking the racquet back up, she says the best thing she did for her mental health this was was “get a ping pong table for The Flight Attendant set and play on my downtime.”

“It helps distract me a bit!” she admits — which we’re sure came in handy during some of the series’ more grisly moments (no spoilers!).

Other on-set, life-in-general essentials, in case you’re wondering how Cuoco maintains her flawless skin and red-carpet-ready looks: “Kiehl’s eye cream, Lumify eye drops, and Super Goop sunscreen.” We hope you’re taking notes.

While Cuoco’s future may be full and unpredictable possibilities, she feels like she herself is the same open book she always has been: “I feel like everyone knows everything about me!” she says. And the biggest change she’s noticed in recent years has nothing to do with her skyrocketing fame: it’s that “one glass of wine means a hangover.”

Like many of us, Cuoco dreams of heading out on a “tropical vacation” in the next year, and like all of us, she’s a bargain shopper when it comes to big-ticket buys — so that means using Priceline for her travel needs. We’re hoping Cuoco gets absolutely everything she wants in 2022 — and that we get the second season of The Flight Attendant for which we’ve so patiently waited. Cuoco’s path has never been brighter, and we can’t wait to see where she takes off to next.

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