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Jenna Elfman Loves to Have ‘Funny, Random’ Chats & Watch The Office With Her Boys

Merely watching an episode of Fear the Walking Dead makes me feel like I need an entire spa vacation to bring my heart rate back down to normal — I can’t imagine what it’s like to be totally immersed in that world, the way Jenna Elfman is every day while playing June Dorie. That’s one of the reasons it’s fascinating to see what the TV vet does in her zombie-free downtime at home with husband Bodhi Elfman and their sons, 13-year-old Story Elias and 10-year-old Easton Quinn Monroe.

It turns out, in many respects, Elfman’s mom life looks a lot like many of ours: She’s too busy working to read for herself, but not too busy to know exactly what’s on her kids’ reading list. And on a typical day, if we caught her in her new Austin, Tex., home, she’d probably be helping out with homeschooling, decked out in her best jeans and hoodie.

Read on for more of Jenna Elfman’s favorite things.

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The podcast I’m listening to

I wish I had time to listen to podcasts! Between becoming a homeschooling mama and filming Fear the Walking Dead, and everything else in life, I barely have time to shave my damn legs.

The books I’m reading now

I’m only reading things for my kids’ curriculum planning and my Fear the Walking Dead scripts. Because, THAT’S what my schedule consists of these days!

The books my kids are currently obsessed with

My boys LOVE the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney. They feel VERY UNDERSTOOD, as kids, by that author. And apparently, I am “exactly the same as the mom in those books.” Frankly, they’re right.

The snacks I always keep on hand

I always have GoGo Squeez apple strawberry pouches
in the pantry. They are BPA free, organic and non-GMO. And 365 brand turkey jerky
to get protein in them when out and about or when they won’t eat anything else, as turkey has the highest protein level of all the meats.

The beauty product I never leave the house without

By Terry Baume de Rose
is a lip balm I don’t leave the house without, as it is a perfect moisture lip balm with a very slight visual essence that just makes the lips come to life, but doesn’t look like you’re wearing anything. Awesome stuff!

The app that makes my life easier as a parent

Honestly, the calendar app on my iPhone! The only way to survive and get everything done is proper time management, and the calendar connects to my husband’s phone, too. So we manage our family and professional schedules and can see what each other’s schedules are and stay aligned that way.

The parenting-related accounts I you follow on Instagram

Kate T. Parker is an incredible photographer and is a mama and I love following her because she captures in photos how awesome kids are. It’s really inspiring to see her own children through her lens. Also, right now BabiesOfSteele because she really makes me laugh sometimes.

The activity I love to do with my kids right now

I love, love, love hanging out and just talking with my boys. They are 10 and 13, and I genuinely dig them as human beings and love to hear their viewpoints and opinions on things. So I often just hang and chat it up with them. I ask them lots of questions about their thoughts on their goals, what some of their most pleasurable memories are, have them ask me anything they have been curious about, and just chat about funny, random thoughts on life. We have a lot of fun hanging on the couch with the dogs and just talking and laughing.

The TV show I actually enjoy watching with my kids

The Office. We are binging ALL seasons of it right now and we are obsessed. Yes, it is very NOT kid appropriate a lot of the time, but it is so funny, I let it slide. They LOVE that show and all the characters.

The music playing in our house all day

We have never listened to “kid music.” We have always played classical, blues, rap, disco, funk/soul, rock and roll, classic rock, etc. ALWAYS. My husband and I love music and have shared all kinds of great music with them since they were really young.

The subscriptions my kids love

Well, since I don’t really enjoy cooking, like, at all, AND we are all home ALL DAY TOGETHER, I started ordering meal delivery from an Austin-based company. And when they were a bit younger, they really enjoyed Owl and Highlights and National Geographic Kids. They still enjoy National Geographic Kids.

The products I love for my kids

Well, I mainly use healthy bath products, so they just use what I use. Tom’s toothpaste is a constant in our house. Again, they are coming into teenage territory, so I have them only use deodorant without aluminum. Right now, we use Native Deodorant
. I love it. And they have moved into men’s size clothing already! OMG. So we no longer shop in the kid department!

The clothing brand I love for myself

I am a jeans and T-shirt/hoodie king of girl. But I love to throw on a great purse and shoes with that and funk it up a bit. Some great jeans for me lately are AGOLDE and these really comfy, cute and durable sandals that come in many, many colors called Freedom Moses
that are $45. Also, Ascot + Hart has many cute things that are affordable and make being comfortable still CUTE.

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