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Exclusive: Heidi Klum Reveals How She Tuned Out the Critics of Her Age Gap With Husband Tom Kaulitz

One only needs to glance at Heidi Klum’s social media to see that life has been treating her well these days. Even more so than when she ruled the runways as the first German Victoria’s Secret Angel, Klum has been enjoying documenting her famous curves and care-free spirit these days, and it’s often husband and Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz behind the camera snapping the perfect shot. As such, we can’t help but wonder how much Kaulitz is behind Klum’s easy smile and unabashed celebration of her stunning body these days. Sitting down with Klum, she opens up about all that Kaulitz has brought to her life — including some criticism in the early days of her relationship over their 16-year age gap — and how she’s maintained the same positive attitude in her relationships throughout life, even as she admits, laughing, that she’s “failed by having this attitude many times as well.”

“He is the most amazing person,” Klum gushes of her husband Kaulitz, whom she married in 2019. “A lot of people were, you know, not giving us the positive vibes when we first started dating because I’m 16 years older than him. But I feel like, there too, if it feels right when you close your door at home and you know what you have together, I think that is the most important thing.”

“You have to cut out all the noise around you. Not everyone is always cheering you on in all things that you do,” she adds. “But I feel like you’ve got to do what makes you happy. And he made me happy. And we’re still happy and having a great time together.”

I can’t help but ask: Has Klum always been so secure in knowing what she wants and going after, or is this wisdom earned after a lifetime of working things out with past partners like her ex-husbands Seal and Ric Pipino?

“I feel like I’ve always had this attitude,” Klum confirms for me. “and I’ve failed by having this attitude many times as well. I mean, this is my third marriage! And I’ve always kind of gone into things like, ‘Oh, Yes, this is it!’ And I feel like this is how you have to live your life. You can’t already, in the beginning of something great, think, ‘Oh, what might happen later down the road?'”

“Yes, you want to plan things and yes, you want to stay on track,” she continues. “But sometimes things change. And then you pick up the pieces, you try again, and you know, you go into it positive again. I feel like that’s just the way to live and be. You always have to look forward, not backward. I just feel like we have only this life and we only have this short time that we’re on this planet. I feel like you have to make the most of it.”

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity and length. 

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