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16 of the Cutest Unisex Nurseries We Could Find on Instagram

Nurseries have traditionally come in two colors: baby pink and baby blue. And those who preferred the air of surprise favored a third, more gender-neutral option: baby yellow. In 2020, though, unisex nurseries have become not only popular, but absolutely abundant—and in an array of colors, too. Expecting parents are proving there’s no singular right way to decorate a gender-neutral nursery. There are loads of ways to—each of them as lovely as the last.

According to Pinterest’s 2020 trend report, interest in unisex nurseries is up 527%, making it one of the biggest trends to enter the zeitgeist in the new year. This jump could be attributed to a number of factors. Interest in gender neutrality has increased across the board in 2020, with gender-neutral names, unisex kids clothes, gender-neutral party ideas, and every-kid playrooms topping Pinterest’s 2020 trends list.

But unisex nurseries are also particularly versatile; if you plan to have a few more children and don’t want to repaint the nursery every time you do, why not opt for a decor aesthetic that could work for any child who comes your way? And of course, unisex nurseries are an excellent option for those who prefer to remain surprised until the day their little one arrives.

Put simply, gender-neutral nurseries offer an array of benefits, both practical and aesthetic. And takes on the trend are so cute you could spend entire afternoons just staring at them. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just some pretty to stare at, you’re in luck. Adorable unisex nurseries abound. And they’re ready to be pored over.

This nursery is fun, while still remaining decidedly minimalist. A pared-down palette of grays and greens combine to create an environment that feels fresh, exciting, and relaxing all at once.

This nursery proves that “gender-neutral decor” isn’t mutually exclusive with vibrant shades and bold patterns—quite the opposite. A unisex nursery is a perfect place to play with color and print. You’re not constrained to a limited palette—go wild.

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° N A P ° T I M E ° Hope everyone is enjoying their Bank Holiday weekend! We are an early riser family (not always by choice) and so like to head out first thing in the morning – today we had Sunday Active church, which involves a run, walk or HIIT class (I know, how fun is our church!) and thoroughly tires the kids out! We will therefore living the rest of the day by the motto on this cute @myeprints print – Naps Fix EVERYTHING! Luckily Arlo loves his cot so much, he has a nap everyday and sometimes even asks to be put down! This isn't me being a smug parent, we had the first year of sleepless nights with both boys, but I've always been quite strict on the day naps and really do believe that children thrive with routine. And to be honest, I'd love it if someone put me down for a nap every day!😂 . . . [AD-GIFTED] Some tagged items have been gifted. . _____________________________________________ . 📸 Photo Credit: @lydias_layton_life Nursery 👆 Tap for Product Tags . ______________________________________________ . . . #homebylydia #interiordesigneruk #bedroomdecor #LoveYourColours #homegoals #mountainscape #inspire_me_home_decor #interior4all #scandinavianstyle #newbuildhome #mountainnursery #nurseryinspo #actualinstagramhomes #interiordesign #nurserydesigner #unisexnursery #interiorideas #interiorinspo #homesofinstagram #MCandMe #scandinursery #realhomesofinstagram #fromwhereistand #dailydecordose #newbuild #housegoals #kidsroomdecor #interiør #vertbaudet #nurserygoals

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This gender-neutral nursery is absolutely dreamy. Though many would write off gray as “boring,” this nursery offers a relaxing, almost paradisiacal take on the color. And the result is a very nap-worthy space.

This nursery reimagines the classic nursery palette, combining light pinks, sky blues, and washed-out yellows to create a nursery that’s as versatile as it is fun.

This nursery doubles as a kid-friendly art gallery. And really, why shouldn’t it? You’ll likely be spending a ton of time there—the space should rejuvenate you, too.

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🦙gender neutral nursery 🐰 _____________________________________________________________ this nursery really shows the vision I have had since day 1. I wanted to create a gender neutral – unisex product. Something appealing, classy, and timeless. My images can grow with your child and watch them grow up. (I once had a customer write me and send me a photo of my animals and her child was asleep in her crib. She said she likes to think they watch over her. I just loved that! ) I think it is an honor and so special to get the opportunity to be a part of something so personal 🤍 What I like most is that you can take my images and put them in any setting! I also tried to make a product that is affordable. If you don’t want to invest in the prints, you can just as easily obtain the look with $5 greeting cards. I recommend going to hobby lobby and buying a 8 x 10 mat and have them framed like the photo. Again, I think being able to be a part of people’s nursery is an honor and special and I want my work to be open to everyone. 🙏🏽 _____________________________________________________________ #clairejordandesigns #nurseryart #genderneutralnursery #genderneutral #nashvilleartist #nashvilleart #nurseryinspo #nurseryideas #unisexnursery

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Minimalism at its best. This incredibly pretty nursery relies on only two shades to create a fairytale-worthy space. And the best part? Since the accessories are few, this nursery wouldn’t cost a ton to recreate.

A thoughtfully placed wall decal can transform a nursery into a whimsical jungle, a lovely oasis, or its own slide of paradise. Combined with a lush plant and a fluffy stuffed animal, this nursery feels straight out of a storybook.

A no-fail nursery accent? Animals. Lots and lots of animals. This decorator opted for a giraffe stuffed animal, watercolor, and decorative object—as well as a fluffy stuffed sheep.

Though black rarely makes its way into nursery color schemes, it can make a powerful impact when included—complementing more vibrant colors, like mustard yellows and rich greens.

Beige is an oft-underrated color that plays well with just about every shade in the nursery space, from fresh pastels to darker, richer tones.

An exposed brick wall may seem a bit industrial for a nursery. But painted white and paired with a few sky-inspired wall decals, it serves as a lovely backdrop to an even lovelier space.

This nursery perfectly illustrates how texture can make a space more dynamic. From the woven fixtures, to the plush textiles, to the smooth wood accents, this space feels veritably spirited, despite its muted palette.

Wallpaper can be a little daunting, but a nursery is a great place to give it a try. This option boasts a layered print in a pared-down color scheme, creating a room that feels whimsical but not overwhelming.

A space doesn’t have to be packed with decor to be absolutely pretty. Here, the decorator has opted for sheer simplicity: a few pillows, a little art, and one woven wall hanging.

A statement wall can transform any room—even a nursery. Combine a couple lovely shades and consider throwing in a pattern, and you’ll be well on your way to whimsical wonderland.

This sweet nursery is its own little jungle. Animal and plant decor is a no-fail combination, especially when you’re dressing up a space for your little one.

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