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Fantastic & Fashionable “F” Baby Names For Your Firstborn… or Your Fifth

Forever feeling flustered at the prospect of foisting a first name upon your firstborn (or fourth- or fifth-born)? Forget the fuss, folks; flip through our fantastic files of forward-thinking “F” names that will flabbergast friends and foes alike with their fashionable fineness. Our list is flush with first-rate names, from simple options that flow fittingly to form a fine first-middle-name fusion to fancier, more fleshed-out names that will flourish all on their own.

Whatever your preference, we’ve filtered out the featureless names in favor of feisty and fanciful selections with flair, drawn from many fonts of inspiration — from French to our favorite flowers.

Classic “F” names for girls

Trendy “F” names for girls

  • Fia (an Italian name meaning “flickering fire”)
  • Fern (a Charlotte’s Web favorite)
  • Farran (Irish name meaning “the land”)
  • Fiadh (prounounced FEE-a, Irish name meaning “wild”)
  • Fleur (meaning “flower” and also a sharp Harry Potter reference to Fleur Delacour)
  • Flora (also meaning “flower,” minus the HP ref)

Fleur flower baby name

Unisex “F” names

  • Frankie (a favorite from Grace and Frankie; also Scrubs star Sarah Chalke chose this for her daughter)
  • Fox (short and sweet and oh-so cute)
  • Finley (Finley Faith is the daughter of Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn, but this name could work for a boy too)
  • Flor (Latin or Spanish name meaning “flower” or “blooming,” just like your baby)
  • Forest (the hippie, unisex version of Forrest)

Classic “F” names for boys

  • Francis (meaning “free,” also the patron saint of animals, aww)
  • Frank (for anti-Jamie Outlander fans, perhaps?)
  • Forrest (this took a drop in popularity in the post-Gump era, but we think it’s time for a comeback!)
  • Finnegan (he had quite the wake)
  • Fior/Fiorello (Fiorello LaGuardia was a well-loved NYC mayor, the child of Jewish and Italian immigrants)
  • Franklin (meaning “a free landholder”)

Trendy “F” names for boys

  • Florio (means “flower” but sounds more masculine than those other options)
  • Finn (means “blond,” funnily enough, but that doesn’t mean he has to be!)
  • Falcon (a powerful nature name if there ever was one)
  • Fjord (speaking of badass nature names)

If Frankie or Frances was a favorite, try Grace or any of these other baby names inspired by Netflix series.

Baby Names Starting With an "F"

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