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Baby Names That Mean Rebirth & Hope for Your Promising Boys & Girls

A new baby represents so much promise of good to come, it’s no wonder there are many names for boys and girls that mean “hope.” Giving your baby a name that reflects this positive future, whether the name means hope, rebirth, new, or dawn, is like putting that wish into their very being.

We could all use a bit of hope and rebirth these days, couldn’t we? For a baby born during or after difficult times, in the spring after a long winter, or after trying hard to conceive, these names represent the wish already come true. Babies are fresh, innocent, and unmarked by all that came before them, and their names can reflect that, too. Their birth is also the dawn of a new generation, one that has a chance to make the world a little better for themselves and all who come after them.

If you’re looking for names that encompass one or all of these meanings, browse the lists below.

Girls names that mean hope, rebirth, & dawn

Alba – Dawn (Latin).
Anastasia – Resurrection (Greek)
Aurora – Goddess of the dawn (Latin).
Aviva – Spring, renewal (Hebrew).
Chava – Life (Hebrew).
Chloe – green shoot, blooming (Greek).
Dagian – Dawn (English).
Dawn – Daybreak (English).
Esperanza – Hope (Latin/Spanish).
Eva – Giver of life (Hebrew).
Hope – An expectation of something one wants to happen (English).
Nadine – Hope (French).
Nova – New, young (Latin).
Renee – Reborn (French).
Wahuj – First light of dawn (Arabic).
Zelenka – Green, fresh (Czech).
Zora – Dawn (Slavic).
Zorina – Golden dawn (Slavic).

Boys names that mean hope, rebirth, & dawn

Altan – Red dawn (Turkish).
Anatole – Rising sun (Greek).
Arun – Reddish dawn (Sanskrit).
Asier – The beginning (Basque).
Inizio – The start (Italian).
Meyer – Bringer of light (Hebrew).
Raanan – Fresh, green (Hebrew).
Toivo – Hope (Finnish).
Vihaan – Sunrise (Sanskrit).
Zoran – Dawn (Slavic).

Gender neutral names that mean hope, rebirth, & dawn

Kiran – Ray of light (Sanskrit).
Phoenix – The Ancient Greek bird that dies and is perpetually reborn from its own ashes.
Samsara – The cycle of life, death and rebirth (Sanskrit).

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