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Lyrical Baby Names Beginning With ‘L’ for Your Lovely Little One

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Looking for a baby name worthy of the lovable little luminary you’re adding to your lineage is a labor of love for sure — and if you’re looking for baby names beginning with “L,” there’s a whole list of lovely, laudable options. (Of course we’re in love with names from A through K as well, but let’s look at those later?). But labor of love the name-looking process may be, this is one solution you should land on well before you or your lover end up in, you know, actual labor. Nobody likes taking a last-minute maniacal leap through that name list only to learn you never literally loved the name “Lucifer,” you just thought it was, well, legendary.

All the more reason to line up names now, before you’re late in the game and your lovely little one is already going live. Here are our selections of “L” names to suit your newborn. Whether they grow up to be lively, literary, lionhearted, liberal, lethargic, or all of the above, we think they’ll be pretty darn likable regardless.

Classic “L” names for girls

Lila (or Lyla, if you want to copy Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger)

Lisa (you’ll always have plenty of The Room lines to shout  across the house)

Lilian (derived from the flower but also means innocence and beauty)

Lorna (a reference to the laurel tree, a symbol of victory)

Lorraine (um, did you know Lorraine means sea gull?? Because we didn’t)

Loretta (means “small sage one” and isn’t she just?)

Laura (oh the fun you’ll have reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder books together)

Lynn (simple and sweet — Lin and Lynne work nicely, too)

Louise (means “famous warrior” and fit for your strong little gal)

Linda (the trendiest name of all time, didn’t you know?)

Lakshmi (a Hindu goddess is a pretty badass namesake IMO)

Lucretia (they’ll be the cool kid in kindergarten with nobody repeating their name)

Trendy “L” names for girls

Lana (Turner, Condor, Del Mar, cool girls galore)

Leela (a Sanskrit name meaning “play,” and couldn’t we all use more of that?)

Lili (a hipper take on Lillian or Lily)

Lola (whatever Lola wants, Lola gets)

Lula (or Luella if you want to go fancy)

Lia (“bringer of good news,” so please name her this!)

Leah (means “tired” or “meadow” and honestly we feel a bit of both right now)

Liberty (in the context of Lady Liberty, powerful; in the context of pandemic deniers, not so much)

Lindsay (or go old-old-school and use this one for a boy’s name)

Lylou (French baby names are always chic)

Lourdes (See? So chic, even Madonna’s a fan)

Unisex “L” names

Lou (short, snappy, and perfect for any gender)

Laurie (a unisex classic, especially for Little Women fans)

Lee (meaning “poetic,” “lion,” and “healer,” talk about a great triumvirate)

London (a snazzier city than Lourdes, at least)

Levi (or Levon, if you prefer naming after an Elton John song)

Lux (it means “light” and sounds like “luck,” just what we need in 2020)

Lathan/Latham (Latham Thomas is a badass Black doula we love)

Lincoln (Abraham had his faults, but his surname is a powerful pick)

Lennon (for John, for Lennon Stella, whatever!)

Logan (it’s great for any gender, although some of us will always remember Logan as a Babysitter’s Club boyfriend)

Leighton (Leighton Meester proves this once-masculine classic has got pan-gender game)

Classic “L” names for boys

Luke (this one goes back to the Bible, but we’re partial to latter-day heroes like Luke Cage)

Louis (a royal name never fails)

Lionel (not just a Thomas the Tank Engine character anymore!)

Lennox (“lives near the elm trees” in Gaelic, sounds like a great place to be)

Luis (“famous fighter” and less stodgy-sounding than Louis)

Landon (means “from the long hill,” maybe he’s hanging with Lennox by the elms)

Leonard/Lenny (don’t let Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men put you off this one — Lenny was sweet!)

Lorenzo (a great Merchant of Venice reference)

Lawrence (from writer D.H. Lawrence to Edith Wharton character Lawrence Selden, this one is full of romance)

Lamar (or Lavar, if you want him to get super amped watching reruns of Reading Rainbow)

Trendy “L” names for boys

Luca (if it’s good enough for Hillary Duff…)

Lucian (means light, illumination, just like the painter Lucian Freud saw)

Lake (magnificent but not as dramatic as, say, Ocean)

Liam (it’s uber-popular for a reason)

Leo (is he being born soonish?! A Leo who’s a Leo is perfect!)

Lawson (means “son of law” so maybe he can teach those aforementioned pandemic deniers to follow the rules?)

Leland (means “from the meadow land,” clearly he’s friends with Lennox and Landon)

Leif (means “dearly loved” in Swedish, and sounds like a lovely leaf to boot)

Lazarus (if there were ever a year for somebody to rise from the dead, this is it)

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