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Jazzy ‘J’ Baby Names for Your Joyous New Arrival

If you were just taking a jaunt through our Baby Names from A to Z and you jumped straight to “J,” that definitely says something about you — and your jolly, jaunty baby on the way. Maybe the “G” names were a tad too glam, the “I” names iconic but intimidating. If you jive with names like John or Jessie, chances are you’re the jovial but judicious type, looking for a baby name that’s worthy of Junior’s jubilant arrival but nothing too jokey, juvenile or jacobean. Lucky for you, this is just our jurisdiction.

Ahead are some of the juiciest “J” names out there for any gender, with jurassics like James and Jane juxtaposed against Jax and Journee. Just the jumble you’re jonesing for.

Classic “J” names for girls

  • Josephine (a classic, and a beautiful Brandi Carlile song)
  • Jane (she’ll be anything but plain, though)
  • Jasmine (for Aladdin fans and floral fans alike)
  • Joann (a born crafter!)
  • Joan (your “gift from god” will certainly fare better than Joan of Arc)
  • Juanita (Spanish variation of Joan or Jeanne)
  • Julia (she’ll have her own Beatles song)
  • Juliana (an Old English poem by Cynewulf)
  • Juliet/te (it is the East, and she is the sun!)
  • Jacqueline (the French/feminine form of Jacob)

Trendy “J” names for girls

Unisex “J” names

Classic “J” names for boys

  • John (perhaps the most classic of all classic names, ever?)
  • Jonathan (from Swift to Rhys-Meyers, these dudes are true talents)
  • Joshua (meaning savior or deliverer)
  • James (Taylor, McAvoy, plenty of kings)
  • Jackson (the jazzier version of John or Jacques)
  • Juan (meaning “gift from god”)
  • Jacob (Jake Gyllenhaal’s real name, FWIW)
  • Junior (yep, it’s a real name)
  • Joseph (no shame in going Biblical)
  • Jesus (or, you know, super Biblical)

Trendy “J” names for boys

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