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The Baby Names Beginning With the Letter ‘I’ Aren’t Just Interesting — They’re Iconic

ICYMI, “G” names are glamorous and “H” names are heavenly, but we have to insist that “I” names are infinitely iconic. Little ones with names beginning with “I” are intended to be incredible and interesting, with intelligence ingrained in them from their inception. But how to avoid insulting your baby with an ill-fitting, irrelevant, improper, or illogical name? We’ve done the investigating for you, and invented just the inventory of “I” names that will illuminate your little imp’s imposing identity for years to come.

From interesting antiques like Ida and Ichabod to 2020 names with immediacy like Issa and Iman, this impeccable selection is all the insurance you need when it comes to naming a tiny icon.

Classic “I” names for girls

Trendy “I” names for girls

  • Izzy (a cute, modern nickname or stand-in for any of those Isabelle variations above)
  • Ixora (a type of flower in the jasmine family)
  • Isla (this one has been gaining popularity ever since Isla Fisher hit the scene)
  • Iman/Imani (not just for amazing Black rappers and models! But also for amazing Black rappers and models)
  • Iris (for the flower and also the “bringer of joy”)
  • Imogene (a classic that is having a resurgence, perhaps Imogene Heap set it off)
  • Isadora (dancer Isadora Duncan is an amazing namesake)
  • India (India.Arie is on our forever playlist)
  • Iona (one of the most beautiful Scottish Islands)
  • Isolde (means “beautiful, fair” – tell that to Tristan)

Unisex “I” names

  • Indigo (a nature name and a color name all at once, this one works for any gender)
  • Innis / Inis (meaning “from the river island” — for fans of Yeats’ “The Lake Isle of Innisfree,” perhaps?)
  • Irie (Irie Love Taylor is an awesome R&B / Reggae singer)
  • Ivory (hey, weirder things have happened than naming your kid after an elephant tusk)
  • Idris (Idris Elba brought this one into fashion, fast)
  • Issa (same here for Issa Rae!)
  • Inge (a more gender-neutral version of Ingrid)
  • Idan (Hebrew for “an era”)
  • Ildiko (Hungarian for “fierce warrior,” which they’ll be for sure)

Classic “I” names for boys

  • Ibrahim (a great Arabic / Muslim name)
  • Ichabod (come on! It deserves a comeback unrelated to dead horsemen)
  • Ishmael (and while we’re on a literary-comebacks thread…)
  • Ivan (means “gift from God”)
  • Irving / Irvin (we swear this is the last Washington Irving-related name on this list)
  • Isaac (from Sir Isaac Newton to Isaac Hanson, a name for change-makers indeed)
  • Ian (the Scots-Irish version of Ivan)
  • Iago (Shakespeare! Aladdin! Gilbert Gottfried! Oh my!)
  • Ignacio (for your “fiery” little lad)

Trendy “I” names for boys

  • Iain (Ian’s more offbeat, inventive cousin)
  • Ilias (along with Elias and Elio, this one is gaining popularity for its simple beauty)
  • Isaiah (Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks both chose this name for their kids)
  • Israel (a Duggar favorite, means “who prevails with God“)
  • Ira (this multifaceted name means “watchman,” “making bare,” and “pouring out,” so really choose your own adventure)
  • Ivo (means “archer’s bow” and definitely not as 2020-overdone as the name Archer yet)
  • Inigo (not just for Princess Bride fans; he’ll be a swordsman for sure)
  • Ingram (edgier than Grantham, but with the same elegance)

If you’re into the more interesting end of the name spectrum, try these unique and often weird celebrity name picks.

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