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These Handsome Baby Names Beginning with ‘H’ Will Honor Your Baby Hero or Heroine

Hello, O headstrong parents hell-bent on hunting down the perfect “H” name for your happy new human all on your own. We see you, and we’re here to help. Because as you saw last week, “G” names are gosh darn glorious — however, we’d venture as far as to say “H” names are something heavenly, fit for heros and heroines (however tiny). Starting way back with the Bible’s Hannah and Helen of Troy, names with this letter have some high-octane roots and hard-hitting meanings that are hard to hate. Even contemporary “H” names (hi, every Hayley born in the ’90s) sure know how to win friends and influence people in a huge way.

So have at it: Hop on into our hefty treasury of “H” names and hear what appears to be calling your happy baby’s, um, name.

Classic “H” names for girls

Trendy “H” names for girls

  • Hallie (the modern-era Hattie, no?)
  • Hayley (from Hayley Mills to every 25-year-old intern you’ve ever worked with)
  • Hadley (meaning “field of Heather,” Hemingway’s first wife was named Hadley and she was a trip)
  • Harper (Harper Lee or Harper “Mini Posh” Beckham, take your pick)
  • Heaven (a quite literal name, this one is surprisingly popular)
  • Hafsa (meaning “cub, young lioness,” c’mon she’s fierce)
  • Hoda (one of our favorite ladies)
  • Hera (the Greek queen of the Gods, naturally)
  • Harriet (after Tubman, and/or the 2019 film starring Cynthia Erivo)

Baby names beginning with H

Unisex “H” names

  • Hollis (a cute gender-neutral version of Holly)
  • Henley (not just a shirt, folks! The name means “high meadow”)
  • Hyssop (a weird one, but kind of wonderful: hyssop is a holy herb from the Bible)
  • Harmony (often a girl’s name, but filmmaker Harmony Korine proves otherwise)
  • Hayden (Panettiere and Christensen prove this one goes both ways)
  • Haven (Jessica Alba chose this name along with Honor, another any-gender pick)
  • Harlow (means “meadow of the hares” and wait for the next one…)
  • Harlan (means “from the hare’s land,” honestly these hare names are super cute though?)
  • Hunter (trans actor Hunter Schafer is a badass namesake for sure)
  • Holland (after the Netherlands or the Michigan town, perhaps?)
  • Harley (for your motorcycle babe)
  • Hayes (becoming ever-popular for celebrities)

Classic “H” names for boys

  • Howard (Howard Zinn is the name inspo any American boy needs right now)
  • Harold (bonus if you name his sister — or your dog — Maude)
  • Horace (he’ll be a poet for sure)
  • Hubert (this one has a Shakespearean history and means “intelligent”)
  • Hans (means “gift from god”)
  • Henry (this old-school name is having a major modern resurgence)
  • Hugo (start reading him The Invention of Hugo Cabret as soon as he’s born, okay?)
  • Hector (meaning “tenacious”)
  • Hugh (means “intelligent” and sure has that classy Hugh Grant panache)
  • Harvey (not just for invisible bunnies anymore, folks)

Trendy “H” names for boys

  • Huron (for devotees of Lord Huron, or just the lake)
  • Harmon (just please don’t name your twins Carmen and Harmon)
  • Harrison (for Beatles fans and beyond)
  • Hale (patriot Nathan Hale would be cringing at 2020)
  • Hal (started as a nickname for Henry but stands just fine on its own)
  • Hunt (if Hunter is too long or too early-aughts for ya)
  • Hudson (for New Yorkers and more)
  • Hafez (name him after the Persian poet and he’s a guaranteed genius)
  • Hamlin (means “rules the home,” so definitely don’t name your dog this)

Hungry for more? If the name Harriet sparks your fancy, here are more award-winning baby names inspired by the 2020 Oscars.

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