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Gorgeous ‘G’ Names for Graceful Babes of Any Gender

Goodness gracious, gathering baby names can be a ghastly business. And while “A” names are adorable, “B” names beautiful, “C” names are certainly charming, “D” names delightful, “E” names oh-so elegant, and “F” names are pretty effing fantastic — we’ve got to say, there’s something about names beginning with “G.” From glorious oldies like Greta Garbo and Gregory Peck to modern geniuses like Greta Gerwig and George Clooney, “G” names are gosh darn glamorous.

So get ready to gush over our group of names for girls, guys, and guttersnipes of any gender that are not just good; they’re gorgeous. Kids with “G” names are guaranteed to garner glory and greatness, got it? So get going — that baby name list isn’t going to grow by itself.

Classic “G” names for girls

  • Geraldine (less common than Josephine, more common than Amandine, and plenty pretty)
  • Gillian (with Gillian Anderson as a namesake, she’ll be a badass and a beauty)
  • Grace (simple, classic, and even…amazing)
  • Gwendolyn/Gwen (Oscar Wilde references are always a win in our book)
  • Gloria (Estefan, Gaynor, Vanderbilt, great gals!)
  • Greta (the aforementioned Garbo and Gerwig can’t be beat)
  • Guinivere (because don’t you want to give birth to King Arthur’s Queen?)
  • Gertrude (Stein is one genius source of inspiration)
  • Giovanna (works in Italian and Hebrew both)
  • Georgia (she’ll be a peach)

Trendy “G” names for girls

  • Goldie (Hawn may have started the trend, but it’s far from over)
  • Graciela (meaning “favor” or “blessing,” a little jazzier than Grace)
  • Gigi (no, it’s not just a grandma nickname!)
  • Giselle (Bunchen or the ballet)
  • Gwyneth (don’t worry, she doesn’t have to be Goop-approved to get this name)
  • Glenna (from Gaelic “gleana,” meaning valley or from the glen)
  • Glenda (for good little witches everywhere)
  • Gemma (meaning “jewel” in Latin, less common than Emma)
  • Gia (sweet and simple — also the name of Matt Damon’s daughter)

Unisex “G” names

  • Gabi (short for Gabriel, Gabrielle, or just on its own)
  • Gael (meaning “joyful”)
  • Gable (after Clark or the part of a roof? IDK)
  • Garland (Judy’s last name is actually a great pick for a first, for any gender)
  • Garnet (another gem name win)
  • Gemini (why yes you can name your kid after their zodiac sign)
  • Gene (just don’t make their middle name Attell like Amy Schumer did, for crying out loud)

Classic “G” names for boys

  • Gabriel (guaranteed angel baby)
  • Gaylord (it’s time this one made a comeback, c’mon!)
  • Gordon (means “large fortification” which is not at all how we see Gordon Lightfoot)
  • Gilbert (naming your boy after Anne Shirley’s beau is definitely good vibes)
  • George (a classic for kings, Clooneys, and little princes alike)
  • Gavin (means “hawk of the battle” which is pretty epic)
  • Graham (Adam Scott picked this one for his son)
  • Giovanni (meaning “gift from God”)
  • Gregory (see aforementioned Gregory Peck, a gem)
  • Guillermo (meaning “resolute protector”)

Trendy “G” names for boys

If Greta Gerwig’s name sparks your fancy, here are more award-winning baby names inspired by the 2020 Oscars.

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