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Everything We Know About Angelina Jolie’s Twins, Knox & Vivienne Jolie-Pitt


Happy 14th Birthday, Vivienne & Knox! As admirers of both Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, it may come as no surprise we’re also big fans of the Jolie-Pitt children. That said, what do we know about the Jolie-Pitt children, including twins Knox and Vivienne? While Jolie and Pitt have chosen to keep their kids somewhat sheltered from the world (none of the kids are on social media, for example), we have been getting more glimpses of them as they come into their own over the years. But what are the Jolie-Pitt kids interested in? What do they do when they’re not globetrotting with their parents? Are they looking to stay in the public eye or will they pursue other hobbies and career paths?

For now, we want to answer those questions — as they apply to Knox and Vivienne. Read on for all the fun facts we could find on this duo.

They Both Have a Sweet Tooth

Earlier in 2022, the twins were seen in a rare outing at Fro-Yo eatery in Los Angeles, per HollywoodLife. They seemed like they were having so much fun, and it’s pretty clear they’re big fans of the place!

Knox Loves Martial Arts

Back in late 2021, photographers found Knox in a martial arts gi on his way to the gym!

Vivienne’s Go-To Mother-Daughter Activity is to Shop With Her Mom

There are so many pictures out there of Vivienne and Angelina Jolie shopping around Calif. They always look so happy with a bunch of shopping bags in tow!

They’ve Always Had Fairly Low-Key Birthdays

It may be a symptom of having famous parents or it could be something that they are inclined to do, but no matter the reason, Knox and Vivienne have kept it quiet for their birthday in years past. Case in point: For their eighth birthday in 2016, the twins reportedly went out for birthday pancakes in West Hollywood.

They’re Mini-Entrepreneurs

Back in January 2019, it was revealed that Knox and Vivienne joined their siblings in partaking in the age of tradition of selling goodies to neighbors. But instead of creating a lemonade stand, the Jolie-Pitt kids created a stand that sold dog treats at their local dog park. Proof of the stand was captured by Parenthood alum Sarah Ramos, who shared the photo on her Instagram which shows the Jolie-Pitts (including mama Jolie!) selling their wares at a Los Angeles dog park.

They’re Cancers

Born on July 12, 2008, these Generation Z twins are also Cancers, which means they’re likely both very sensitive, giving people who love to be close to their siblings and parents.

Their Names Have Special Meaning

Vivienne’s middle name, Marcheline, was her maternal grandmother’s first name. Marcheline Bertrand died just one year before Vivienne and Knox were born.

Knox, on the other hand, got his first name from Pitt’s paternal grandfather, Hal Knox Hillhouse, and his middle name, Léon, is the name of Jolie’s great-grandfather.

They’re the Youngest Kids in a Big Family

Knox and Vivienne are the youngest of six children. Their other siblings, from youngest to oldest, are: Shiloh, 15, Zahara, 16, Pax, 17, and Maddox, 19.

They’ve Been Homeschooled for Most of Their Lives

Jolie and Pitt have chosen to homeschool their children, and nowadays, it’s been reported that Jolie is mostly in charge of their education. People magazine reported in 2017 that the children are taking the basic classes (reading, math, science) but are also learning foreign languages and getting in plenty of physical activity with soccer, self-defense classes, skateboarding and so forth.

They Were Born in France

Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Léon were born in Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, France. And according to Reuters, the doctor who delivered the twins was quite nervous because of Angelina and Brad’s celeb status saying, “It wasn’t pressure on a medical level, because I have been practicing for a certain number of years, but it’s true that there was pressure due to the couple’s fame.”

Knox and Vivienne Have Already Racked up Acting Credits

They’re still young, but Knox and Vivienne have already got some major credits on their résumés. In 2016, Knox voiced the character of Ku Ku in Kung Fu Panda 3. Vivienne got her first acting gig even earlier with 2014’s Maleficent in which she played the younger version of star Elle Fanning’s character, Aurora.

While speaking specifically about Vivienne’s Maleficent appearance in an interview, Jolie revealed the position she and Pitt took about their children pursuing acting: “We think it’s fun for our kids to have cameos and join us on set, but not to be actors. That’s not the goal for Brad and me at all. I think we would both prefer that they didn’t become actors.”

Knox Has Been Spotted Doing His Chores

Knox has been spotted out and about lately living life as regularly as possible. This includes a notable occasion where he was once spotted accompanying older sister Zahara while walking their dog.

Knox Is Older Than Vivienne by One Minute

When their births were announced in 2008, People magazine reported that Knox was born at 6:27 p.m. — Vivienne, apparently not cool with waiting, followed quickly thereafter at approximately 6:28 p.m.

Their Passports Probably Have More Stamps Than Yours

As the children of two high-profile movie stars, Vivienne and Knox have accompanied their parents to international hotspots like England, France and Cambodia. Given their age, we have no doubt that these twins will rack up way more stamps in their passports in the years to come.

Vivienne Prefers Gender-Neutral Clothing

Recent red carpet photos of Jolie and her children show that, like her older sibling, Shiloh, Vivienne is open to wearing gender-neutral clothing, like a tan linen two-piece suit back in September 2017 or a blue button-down shirt and jeans at the premiere of Dumbo in 2019.

Knox is Looking More Like His Dad Each Day

Although Jolie tries to keep her children’s lives as private as possible, there are still prying cameras that will often capture her youngsters’ every outing. The Oscar winning actress was spotted out with her son, Knox, in New York City in mid-June, and drew some major comparisons to his dad, Brad Pitt. With a short haircut, and while wearing a protective face covering, the now 13-year-old looked so much like his dad.

Like Their Siblings, Vivienne & Knox Love Spoiling Their Mom on Mother’s Day

Jolie absolutely loves to gush about her kids, and during an interview with Extra while promoting her film Those Who Wish Me Dead, Jolie shared how her kiddos — including her twins — planned on spoiling her on Mother’s Day. “My kids have always been amazing at Mother’s Day,” the actress shared. “The fun for me is that I don’t plan anything, I don’t do anything, and they all tend to work together to surprise me with something. It is just the knowing that they are doing something together, and thinking of something together, and that they want to, and that they think it is important always makes me cry. They always joke about how quickly it makes me cry. They will laugh at how many times I cry in the day or how quickly I cry… ‘Oh, there she goes…’”

A version of this article was originally published in July 2018.

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