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Book Club Stars Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen & Mary Steenburgen Reveal the One Person They’d Love to Go to Jail With

If Jane Fonda, Mary Steenburgen, Candice Bergen and Diane Keaton go to Italy together, chaos is likely to ensue for these legends. And that’s exactly what happens in Book Club: The Next Chapter. Fonda, Steenburgen, and Bergen sat down with SheKnows to chat all about their new movie which finds the foursome hitting new milestones in life when one of them embarks on something they thought they’d never do, much less in their 70s: Get married. Watch the exclusive video where they tell us which of their castmates would be the perfect friend to go to jail with.

Let’s be honest, when your friend is finally getting married and you are newly retired, it’s the perfect excuse for a trip to Italy for her bachelorette party. So, we asked Bergen, Steenburgen and Fonda who they would like to go on a similar trip with, and let’s just say, it got emotional.

Steenburgen quickly says, “Ted Danson.” In case you didn’t know, as Fonda quickly points out, “He’s her husband!” She then adds, “Maybe the audience doesn’t know that.” Steenburgen, without missing a beat, replies, “I like it even better if they don’t know it, and I’m just randomly picking Ted Danson.” Steenburgen confesses she’d also want her granddaughters on her trip, and reveals they actually did come to Rome to visit while she was filming. She saw them for one night, but then one of them tested positive for COVID. “I never got to see them again,” Steenburgen laments. Time for a grand re-do!

When it’s Bergen’s turn, she starts to say, “My-” and then gets emotional thinking about them and bursts into tears with a side of laughter. Showing how close this group is, Steenburgen and Fonda quickly go in for a supportive hug, and then Steenburgen whips out tissues for her crying friend. Through more laughter and tears, Bergen says, “My daughter and my grandson.” Still in their group hug, Steenburgen laughs, “Oh my gosh, she can’t talk about them without crying.” If you’ve never seen tears of joy, this is your chance. Fonda follows their lead, decides to keep it in the fam, and quickly shouts out her son and daughter-in-law, and her little grandson for her trip.

One of the major themes in Book Club, besides the friendship between the women, is their individual romantic relationships. When asked what love and relationship advice the three would give their younger selves, Fonda quickly says, “No is a complete sentence.” And to that, we say, “Yes!” Round of applause for Fonda’s succinct and powerful advice.

Before Bergen reveals her answer she says, “If I cry again, I’ll be mortified.” As Steenburgen gives her a giant pocket-sized pack of tissues, Bergen puts it simply, “I would say it is transient, and keep your dignity.” Steenburgen comes in with, “The dreams you had as a little girl about love, don’t give up on any of them, because you’ll eventually meet that guy.” (Hi, Ted Danson!).

In the movie, the women have a run-in with the law and, in turn, spend a night in prison. When asked what that would ideally look like in real life, Bergen reveals that she’d want to spend a night in jail with Fonda and want Steenburgen to bail her out. The three quickly all agree that Fonda would be great in jail, and the others to do the bailing out. But then Steenburgen asks if Diane Keaton isn’t included. Bergen retorts, “Well, she’s not here, so she forfeits.” Steenburgen refuses to forget her and says, “It would be an interesting night in jail with Diane Keaton, I’m just going to say that.” Watch the video to find out what Bergen and Fonda think of that idea.

Book Club: The Next Chapter hits theaters May 12. And yes, it will make you want to go to Italy, but only if you have Jane Fonda, Mary Steenburgen, Diane Keaton, and Candice Bergen along for the ride. But bring tissues… for Candice.

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