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The Outlander Season 7 Trailer is Here – & Honestly We’ve Never Been More Afraid for Jamie & Claire

Caitríona Balfe and Sam Heughan are back in the seventh and second to last season of Outlander. Finally, after more than a year, the trailer has been released, and it has it all. Love, war, family, conflict, drama and most of all Jamie and Claire at the center and heart of it all.

As if the trailer isn’t enough, a live video of Jamie and Claire running through a battlefield will blow you away. It’s that good. You will watch it on repeat – and it’s right below. Balfe and Heughan once danced Jamie and Claire to the stones in the season 2 finale, when Claire went back to the future. This is on par with that dance, and will give you chills and leave you trembling.

But first let’s break down the trailer. Settle in. There are 2 minutes and 21 seconds to digest and examine, so cancel all your meetings and put do not disturb on. And get ready to weep. Outlander season 7 is here. And we’re scared. Jamie and Claire are scared. You should be too.

The trailer opens with Claire and Jamie. Claire says, “You’ll come back to me, you always do,” and Jamie looks like he’s holding back tears. Why are they leaving each other? If we have learned anything from this show, it is that Jamie and Claire should never be separated. Bad things happen.

Then we hear “Ave Maria,” being sung by Claire. Is Caitríona Balfe singing? It is amazing, beautiful and haunting. But Claire’s walking in a funeral procession as she sings, and Jamie is nowhere in sight. So I don’t know what you’re trying to do to our emotional well-being, Outlander. Let’s assume Jamie is one of the pallbearers being blocked by the coffin. Because we will not accept him being in a coffin. Ever. Or Claire. Thank you.

Claire is crying in the woods as she says, “We will make it back here one day, won’t we?” I don’t like when Claire is upset. But Jamie is there comforting her, so that makes it a little better. Only a little, they’re both incredibly stressed out – and they have a high tolerance for stress. Maybe they saw a mouse. Let’s go with that. It’s manageable stress. Whatever it is, it sounds like they are leaving together.

“I’m not as brave as I was before you,” Jamie says to Claire, “not brave enough to live without you anymore.” And there is a flash of a burning room and Jamie is inside it. This fire re-appears later.

Claire has a sword. And it’s kind of epic! It’s like a giant scalpel. Shout out to Claire’s headband game again. She looks ready to battle. But why does she have it?! Is Jamie hurt? Their wedding vows play over this with Jamie reciting, “Blood of my blood, bone of my bone.” Claire responds, “I love you.” There’s only a handful of times that Jamie and Claire have uttered these words to each other. So this worries me, deeply.

Roger and Brianna

Brianna seems to be giving birth, finally! According to Sophie Skelton, Brianna was supposed to reveal her pregnancy in the season 5 finale! That was in 2020. In case you’re wondering how long ago that was. Roger and Brianna look to be very happy this season, or at least in the trailer. Babies, beaches, and beards. Shout to Roger’s beard this year. Remember when Jamie and Claire washed up on that beach at the end of season 3, well it seems like Roger and Brianna are little beach bunnies, but their arrival seems less waterlogged, so hopefully they don’t almost drown like Brianna’s parents. But beaches historically have not worked out well for the fam. Remember Stephen Bonnet, the original son of a beach who bonked Claire on the head and kidnapped Brianna?

Jamie and Brianna

Will season 7 finally give everyone the Jamie and Brianna scenes they’ve been wanting since season 4? Jamie and Brianna are sitting in a forest surrounded by lightening bugs and seem be having the cutest father-daughter moment. Now about that Brianna birth scene, will Brianna’s parents be there for this birth? In the books, they were supposed to be present when Jemmy was born, but unfortunately in the show, Claire and Jamie weren’t there for that Fraser fam milestone.

Young Ian

It seems like Ian and Jamie are off to save Claire. Literally, galloping on a white horse to save the day. Such a JAMMF move. Ian looks to be off to war too, and it seems like he might find love, because he’s holding hands with a new girl, Rachel Hunter.  

Wonder if Ian and Jamie will meet up with Tom Christie? Last we saw Tom, he was helping Claire and held her hand as he left her in jail. Also, he had swoony love eyes for Claire. Tom, she’s taken. Also, she’s in the slammer, find another date, bro.

Jamie’s son, William & Lord John Grey

Seems Lord John and Jamie’s grown up son, William are coming back into the fold. Lord John asks Jamie why he won’t fight for the Crown and beside his son? Jamie says, “I made a promise, I would never face my son, across the barrel of a gun.” Ruh-roh. Jamie and Claire always on the wrong side of the war. William can be seen in quick flashes where he’s fighting a battle. Hopefully, he’s not slashing at his dad, who he doesn’t know is his dad, because he thinks Lord John is his dad, who’s in love with his actual dad. It’s complicated.

This Outlander trailer is a really nice balance of stress and sex. Here’s Claire yelling, “Get the hell out of my house.” Jamie looking more scared than we’ve seen since he rescued Claire in season 5, then Claire screams, “No, don’t do that,” as someone sets fire to the room they’re all in. Remember the fire in the beginning shots, does their house burn down?! Remember why Brianna went back to the past? Because her parents died in a fire according to some piece of old paper! Then again Brianna was making matches, that little pyromaniac love child. Anyway, back to the trailer. Claire screams. But then in the next flash, Claire and Jamie are about to you know do what they do best. Don’t get too comfortable, the next shot Claire is on the cusp of being hung. See, Outlander giveth, Outlander taketh away. Diana Gabaldon, you’re a wizard. A super stressful wizard.

There is one scene that looks to be taking place in present day, because there is a string of lights. It seems to be a tunnel. Uh oh, who goes back to the future? There’s another scene too that looks to be present day, because of the sheets. Hmmm, what’s going on here?

Jamie gives Claire what looks like the jewel he once gave Lord John. Or is it Lord John giving his love rock back to Jamie? Jamie tells Claire if he is killed, she’s to use it to go back to the future. The last time Jamie told Claire if something happened to him, she should return to the future with Frank, she got stuck in the future for 20 years without Jamie, thinking he had died, which he fully intended to. So this is worrisome. Jamie and Claire are not good at changing the future, but they’re really good and stumbling right into wars and sending Claire back to the future. And I don’t like it here.

The last shot of the trailer is chilling. Claire says, “You’ll come back to me, you always do,” and then we see Jamie lying on the battlefield. Is Jamie Fraser dead?

Like every season, Jamie and Claire are the love and passion of Outlander. Some things never change. And the trailer includes flashes of their signature love scenes that they’ve set the bar for since the show began. Judging by the trailer, Balfe and Heughan’s chemistry hasn’t waned one bit, like wine, they’ve simply gotten better with time. But most of all, in just this short 2 minutes, it’s easy to see why these two have captivated audiences for close to a decade.

This season is as big as season 1, and if the trailer indicates anything, it is on another level. It promises to be cinematic, devastating, and full of love. Because it’s Outlander, and nothing less will suffice.

Only Jamie and Claire could make a war look this beautiful. In season 3, they were the eye of the storm, and in season 7, they are the peace in the midst of violence. This live video of them should win an Oscar. Consider this its nomination.

As you watch the trailer, Jamie and Claire’s battle video over and over, and comb over every pixel of the new season 7 art, a wave of sadness might wash over you. Because Outlander’s end is that much closer. But then just think, this season will be 16 episodes. Eight this year and 8 next year. So the final season is still a long way off. But when it comes to Jamie and Claire, it’s hard to control time. So savor every second of season 7.

Outlander returns in 35 days on June 16th on Starz. Check out all the season 7 photos released here. You still have time to re-watch season 6 – or the entire series. If you can’t wait, you can read Diana Gabaldon’s book series. But when it comes to Outlander, if there’s one thing we’ve learned after almost 7 years, it’s worth the wait.

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