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Exclusive: ‘Love Again’ Stars Priyanka Chopra & Sam Heughan Sing (Sort of) for Celine Dion

Sam Heughan and Priyanka Chopra hit the pink carpet last night at a special New York screening of their new movie Love Again. Although Celine Dion wasn’t in attendance, the music legend was there in spirit and song too. Love Again marks Dion’s acting debut and includes new music by her. Heughan and Chopra proved their hearts will go on for Celine, near, far, wherever they are. They chatted with SheKnows to tell us what it was like to dip their toes into the rom com genre, work with Dion, each other, and some fellow named Nick Jonas who has a cameo as Chopra’s internet date. Watch the exclusive video to find out which songs remind Heughan and Chopra of Dion.

Love was in the air when Chopra-Jonas arrived with her husband Nick Jonas, and she revealed that he was never supposed to be in the movie which was filmed during the height of Covid in 2020. Luckily, he agreed to do the cameo, and Chopra says she was so relieved not to have to kiss a stranger – especially during Covid. As for their hilariously awkward scene, Chopra drops the tea on how many takes it took and if it was ad-libbed.

When asked to pick the perfect theme song for Celine, Heughan quickly says, “The Power of Love.” But then he got distracted when his co-star and her epic dress flew by. Heughan joked, “You’ve gotta see this dress! She’s embodying all of the Power of Love!” Chopra soon joined the Celine party and like Heughan, told us which song reminds her of Dion. And let’s just say one of them sang it and one of them was saved by… the bell? Or maybe the dress. Watch the full video to find out who sang for Celine.

Love Again is in theaters beginning May 6. You can catch Heughan and Caitríona Balfe in the seventh season of Outlander starting June 16th on Starz, and Chopra and Richard Madden in Amazon’s Citadel streaming now.

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