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Molly Shannon Says Working With Florence Pugh in A Good Person Was ‘Wild, Dangerous & Exhilarating’

From Saturday Night Live to The Other Two, Molly Shannon has undoubtedly established herself as a Hollywood powerhouse. In her newest project, A Good Person, she costars with another incredible actress taking Hollywood by storm: Florence Pugh. And, as anyone who watches the movie will learn, their forces only get stronger together.

“Florence is just amazing and she just really comes on and commands a set,” Shannon tells SheKnows’ Reshma Gopaldas. “She’s just really so smart and she’s really funny and very humble and warm, so she makes it really easy.” Shannon also adds that they talked about everything, from the latest TV shows and movies to her childhood. “We would just have so much fun,” Shannon says.

Shannon reveals that the two didn’t have time to rehearse given the independent movie’s tight schedule. “You just show up and you’re shooting very intimate scenes,” she explains, adding that the first scene she shot with Pugh was an “intense” one at a hospital. “She’s so gifted,” Shannon adds, “I think she’s one of our greatest young actresses, she’s so talented.”

In the movie, Shannon plays Dianne, mom to Pugh’s Allison who had her life fall apart after she’s the driver in a fatal accident.

At one point in the movie, Diane races Allison up the stairs to stop her from taking her pills (which she’s become dependent on). “The physical scene where I’m trying to get the pills and I chase her up the steps, that was really wild,” Shannon remembers. “Florence and I are the same with what we like physically, we both like to really go for it. So it was wild and unhinged and we did it different every single time. We just like to be in the moment and truly go for it. There was nothing fake, we were really pushing one another around and it feels wild, dangerous, and exhilarating.”

Shannon also talked about working with Zach Braff, who’s the writer and director of this movie. “It’s his material, so he wrote the script and it’s just so great when you have the actual writer directing it because they know exactly what they want,” Shannon says. “Because he’s an actor, he knows how to direct actors because he knows what it’s like because he’s been in both.”

“Zach and I had worked together over 20 years ago on Scrubs, he directed me in this great scene so it was like reuniting again,” Shannon remembers. “I just love working with him. He’s so loving and fun and easy-going. Just a great relaxed feeling on set, just fantastic.”

Talk about a fun-loving cast and crew! A Good Person hit the theaters on March 24.

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