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Mary J. Blige Chooses Which One of Her Songs Best Describes Herself & Her Fearless Power Book II: Ghost Character

Although Mary J. Blige will always be known as the ultimate Queen of R&B, she’s also shown her impressive acting chops time and time again. From her Oscar-nominated role in Mudbound to her fierce portrayal of Monet in Power Book II: Ghost, Blige has absolutely solidified herself as an actress as well as an extraordinary singer.

So, combining her two superpowers, SheKnows’ Reshma Gopaldas asked Blige what her character’s theme song would be. And, without hesitation, she answered with her own song “Rent Money” from her newest album Good Morning Gorgeous. “I think it’s ‘Rent Money’ because someone has to pay for what happens to [Daniel Bellomy’s] Zeke,” she says, referring to Bellomy’s character’s cruel death at the end of season two. “‘Rent Money’ is about the rent money being due, so that information is due,” Blige explains. “Somebody’s gotta pay.”

As for what her own theme song would be, Blige stuck to a calmer tune. “I guess it would be ‘Just Fine’ right now because I’m just fine right now,” she says, referring to her 2007 hit.

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Blige also talked about what she’s learned from playing the powerful and cold Monet. “Monet, first of all, she’s strong. She’s no-nonsense. Her yes is yes, her no is no. She’s a mother,” Blige says. “And so I have a lot of those qualities anyway, I’m not a mother but pretty much everything that Monet is we can all become.”

She adds, however, that Monet has taught her what not to do. “I don’t want to treat people that way,” she says. “I don’t want to not trust people, she doesn’t trust anybody – not even her own kids.”

As for who Blige would rely on if she ever followed Monet’s killer instincts, Blige would know exactly who to call. “I think Kane [Woody McClain] who plays my son would be the first person I call if I’m trying to run down on somebody and kill them,” she says. “And Davis McLean, who is my real friend in life, Method Man, because turns out Davis McLean is all crooked so he would definitely help with that.”

We can’t wait to continue following Monet’s not-so-cautious ways in Power Book II: Ghost‘s season three, with the first episode already out now on Starz.

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