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Sailor Brinkley Cook Took the Ultimate Christie Brinkley Trivia Quiz

When it comes to our parents, we often think we know them like the back of our hands. Throw any question at us and we’ve got it. So, when Sailor Brinkley Cook, Christie Brinkley‘s youngest daughter, visited us at SheKnows this month, we decided to put her to the test.

Sailor, who’s partnering with Silk Nextmilk for their newest campaign, joined us in the studio to take the ultimate Christie Brinkley trivia quiz. The premise was simple: for every question she answered correctly, she’d enjoy vegan chocolate chip cookies dipped in Silk Nextmilk, and for every answer that’s incorrect she’d pay the price by dipping them in either hot sauce or orange juice. Talk about a questionable combination…

Before we began, Sailor prefaced by saying how bad she usually is with anything spicy. “I have no tolerance for heat, at all,” she says. “So if I need to dip it into this hot sauce, it’s not gonna be pretty.”

Some questions she knew the answers to without hesitation, like her mom’s role on Broadway (“Roxie Hart, Chicago“) or her mom’s middle name (which happens to be the same as her own). The same goes for her mom’s first major acting credit (“I want to say National Lampoon’s Vacation, but I feel like that’s too easy”), and the show her mom reprised her role as the girl in the Ferrari (“The Goldbergs!”)

Other questions, however, totally stumped her. When asked how long Christie was the face of Covergirl, for example, Sailor went blank. “Oh my God, I’m gonna have to dip it in hot sauce,” she says. “I want to say like 14 years?” After we revealed she was off by about 11 years, Sailor fearlessly dipped into that hot sauce. “I mean this is the game, no?” she says. After eating it, however, Sailor surprisingly liked it. “That’s actually so delicious, I’m not kidding,” she says. “I think hot sauce and chocolate chip cookies is a thing.”

In another trivia question, we asked Sailor the name of the photographer who first discovered her mom (yup, we dug deep). “Patrick Demarchelier in Paris and she got signed to Ford with Eileen Ford,” Sailor said quite confidently before we told her she was wrong. “Can we call my mom?” she asked, signaling for backup.

Christie, who immediately picked up the phone, cleared it all up. “Errol Sawyer was in the telephoning office, but the day I walked into Elite Models Patrick Demarchelier and Mike Reinhardt were doing test photos of the girls for their portfolios and they called Eileen Ford and said ‘You gotta see this girl,'” Christie recalled. “So they took [it] to the next level.” Safe to say our research paid off!

As the final question, we asked Sailor what her mom’s favorite song was. “Anything by Joni Mitchell, she loves ‘California’ by Joni Mitchell. But she probably in an interview would say ‘Uptown Girl,'” Sailor says, referencing the iconic Billy Joel song inspired by Christie. After singing a little snippet, Sailor shouted out to her mom’s ex-husband Billy Joel, “Sorry, Billy!”

Check out the full trivia game above!

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