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Party Down Stars Ryan Hansen & Martin Starr Have The Worst Surprise Endings in Mind for Their Characters

In the almost 13 years since the sophomore season of Party Down, stars of the show Ryan Hansen and Martin Starr had plenty of time to think about what their characters (Kyle Bradway and Roman DeBeers, respectively) would be up to if the show had continued. Luckily for them, the long-awaited return for season three (out now on Starz) finally happened and they get to continue living out Kyle and Roman’s cringe-worthy and never-boring lives.

While talking to SheKnows’ Reshma Gopaldas, the two talked about their characters and attempted to write each other’s not-so-magical endings.

“Oh my gosh Roman finally makes it big with this big hard sci-fi,” Hansen says of Starr’s character. “And you get to make your huge movie and then you hire Party Down to cater your big party and you hire Kyle Bradway to get his big break.” Talk about an all-around happy ending!

“That was very nice, I’d go along with that,” Starr replies. “All very positive,” Hansen says proudly.

Starr’s ending for Kyle, however, looks quite different. “He’s in a trailer, just moved back to Alabama, four kids, wife left him,” he says, painting quite a grim picture. “He’s a pineapple farmer,” he adds. At least he has the pineapples to look forward too?

Starr and Hansen also looked back on their many characters through the years and talked about which ones they would (and wouldn’t) want to cater with.

“Dinesh on both answers,” Starr says of Kumail Nanjiani’s character in Silicon Valley. “Yeah, I don’t know, maybe Bill Haverchuck could be a decent hang,” he adds, referring to his iconic character in Freaks and Geeks.

“I wouldn’t wanna serve Dick Casablancas,” Hansen replies about his Veronica Mars character, before adding that he’d love to cater with him instead. “That would be a blast,” he says, “He’s like a worse version of Kyle Bradway, very similar.”

To check out these two reprise their roles as Kyle and Roman, and hopefully live out some better endings, check out the show’s newest season out now on Starz. And make sure to check out more of the cast taking our tough Party Down trivia test!

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