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Adam Scott Had the Perfect Answer For How His Party Down Character Would React to Lizzy Caplan’s Return

The cult favorite is back. It took 10 years. They said it wouldn’t happen, they were wrong.  Adam Scott and his gang of cater waiter bandits are back in Party Down! The party is sadder and cringier than ever. And it’s glorious. Adam Scott, the leader of the party, sat down with SheKnows exclusively to talk all about the hit show and its long-awaited return. Watch the exclusive video above to hear what Scott had to say about Lizzy Caplan, Jennifer Garner, how he’d write the ending to Party Down and which of his past characters he’d want to cater a party with.

“Do you remember it being cancelled?” Scott asks us, “it’s just rare to meet someone who knew of the show, when it was actually on.” It was a sad day when the cult favorite was canceled 10 years ago, but thankfully Starz has revived it. Scott’s character Henry puts the “down” in Party Down. And no Henry is not down to do anything, he’s kind of a little bit of a downer. A very, very sweet downer. In fact, all the characters are in some way. Ken Marino’s Ron brings the cringe. Jane Lynch’s Constance will make you wonder why Lynch isn’t cast in every single show, she’s that good. Zoe Chao and Tyrel Jackson Williams are the new kids on the cater waiter block. Megan Mullally, Martin Starr, and Ryan Hansen return as Lydia, Kyle, and Roman. There is no better group to spend 30 minutes at a party with. And no better cast, check out the Party Down trivia we played with all of them.

Sadly, the one person who hasn’t returned for the reboot is fan favorite Lizzy Caplan, who played Scott’s love interest Casey. In season 2, Casey got her big Hollywood break, and it actually stuck. In fact, turns out Casey hit it big and is busy on red carpets and attending the events she used to cater. Sad for Henry, sad for us. But good for Casey, I guess. Unfortunately, Caplan was unavailable due to scheduling, because she was filming for Fleishman is in Trouble. I blame Fleishman for this, he is in trouble. For robbing us of the Henry/Casey will they won’t they, why can’t they just get it together magic, that Scott and Caplan are known for.

So of course, we had to ask Scott what Henry would do if Henry’s love, Casey returned on the scene, single and swinging. His answer is perfect and sweet, and we still want Caplan to return, and we know somewhere deep down so does Henry.

Wondering how the reboot came about, creator John Enbom told us exactly how Starz decided to bring it back.

Scott also picks which of his past characters on Parks & Rec, Step Brothers, and Severance he’d want to work with during a catering gig. He immediately picks Derek from Step Brothers as the character he’d never want to work with. “I do not want to work 12 hours with that person. Can you imagine 5 minutes with that douchebag?” I wish Adam Scott were more honest about his feelings about Derek. He picks Ben Wyatt as his favorite character to work with, and Leslie Knope couldn’t agree more. Are we having fun yet?! Define fun. If you mean, Adam Scott, Jane Lynch, and Ken Marino trying successfully to be the worst cater waiters ever? Then yes, we are having fun. The premiere of Season 3 airs on Starz airs February 24. So throw on your pink bowtie, grab a drink, and let’s get the party started.

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