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Rodrigo Santoro Talks About Why Sarah Michelle Gellar is the Queen of the Supernatural


Chances are, you’re just as obsessed with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Rodrigo Santoro’s new show Wolf Pack as we are. The Paramount+ show has supernatural elements, danger, friendship, and of course, the supernatural Queen herself, making a return to the darker side of television.

On Feb 9, Gellar and fellow co-star Santoro talked with SheKnows at the SCAD TVfest red carpet to talk about what it’s like having our girl Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Hector Escaton from Westworld collide in one sensational, must-see show.

Not only that, but Gellar was honored with the prestigious Icon Award for her trailblazing work in television! The executive director of SCAD TVfest Christina Routhier said in a press statement, “Sarah Michelle Gellar is a trailblazer in the field of television. An actor who speaks to many generations, she epitomizes what it means to be a television icon.”

As we said, we got to catch up with the television icon, and we got to ask the ultimate question every fan wants to ask Gellar: “Who would win in a fight: Buffy or Kristin?”

She instantly said, “They would never fight; they would work together!”

Then when asked if her kids Charlotte Grace Prinze, 13, and Rocky James Prinze, 10, know she’s a supernatural hero or not. Once again, she gives a sweet, very mom-like answer we adore hearing from her: “To my kids, I’m mom. I think they’re happy with their mom; I don’t think they have any complaints!”

When we caught up with Rodrigo, he couldn’t stop gushing about his amazing co-star, calling her the “Queen of the supernatural world.” He said, “I mean, she has so much experience doing that. [Now] it’s the first time that I ventured into exploring this world! He talked about how she truly guided him in this new genre.”

He also added that she has the best sense of humor, especially when they’re filming their dramatic series, and that “they’ve gotten along very quickly [since] day one!”

Season one of Wolf Pack is available to stream through Paramount+ on Amazon, and here’s your warning now: you’re definitely going to get sucked in immediately!

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